Tube Lines members win 'excellent settlement' due to strong yes vote in ballot


Further to my previous Circular (Ref: IR/212/16, 29th July 2016), I advised you of the magnificent vote of our members in favour of taking industrial action. A subsequent meeting of our relevant representatives was held at Unity House at which it was reported that the two disciplinary cases had now been dealt with at the appeal stage and our members were happy with the outcome.

Tube Lines has also agreed to introduce a SPAD procedure which will be a copy of the existing LUL procedure, thus our members should not find themselves in this situation again. It was also made very clear at the meeting that it was the ballot and support of all our members working at Northfields which led to Tube Lines backing down and withdrawing the punishments which it had originally handed out at the disciplinary hearings.

The National Executive Committee has therefore considered and noted all developments and congratulated our members, reps and lead officer for winning this excellent settlement. Additionally, the NEC instructed me to close the file.