Update from SFC reps on preferencing and filling the gaps

Preferencing and filling gaps should be seen as two separate processes.
Filling Gaps: This is just LU running the Fit for the Future location computer to see if any staff who are OE or covering down can be moved into a substantive position.
They may also move a CSM1 who is covering down at CSS into a temporary CSM2 location.
At this time LU has accepted our demand that they do not make sideways moves (same grade) under filling the gaps.
All moves under filling the gaps must be within the 30 min rule but are not limited to preferences. Anyone in an OE or Cover Down position can be moved to ANY location within 30 mins.
Where you get moved to is not a matter of preference but will depend on what move allows LU to make further moves behind you that will further reduce OE and Cover Down working by others.
The right to review any move under filling the gaps remains. 
Preferencing: The idea of the preferencing exercise is primarily to allow staff to preference moves beyond the 30 min limit. Some members have done this in light of rosters or changes n circumstances. However, most will not want to move beyond 30 mins and therefore you should just ignore the exercise and do nothing