Wage Concern Campaign


On Friday 15th May, the Employment Opportunities Bill will be debated in Parliament. The Bill has been put forward by Conservative backbenchers and it would enable employers to ‘opt-out’ of the Minimum Wage brought in by the Labour government ten years ago.

If passed, the system would be wide open to abuse by unscrupulous employers. For instance an employment agency could write a Minimum Wage Opt-Out into any contract potential staff would have to sign.

Unbelievably, they tried to claim it was against people’s ‘Human Right to work’ to have a Minimum Wage.

This from a party that wants to scrap the Human Rights Act!

Wage Concern is a grassroots campaign to stop that bill - and help is needed.

Please log onto: http://wageconcern.com/about/ for further details and how to help.