Why We Need A Decent Pay Rise: How Our Bills Have Increased

We need a decent pay rise to meet the rising bills that we have to pay. Here are some facts and figures, with sources in [square brackets]:

  • Energy bills in Britain have increased by 16.7% over the past year, compared to the European average of 3.8%. [OECD]
  • The average household fuel bill rose by £381 to £1,293 on average last year. [OECD]
  • Council tax bills are to rise by an average 3.5%. [Local Government Association]
  • Food prices rose by 11% last year. [MSN money]
  • Thames Water's bills for metered customers rose by 6.8%, up £14 from 2007/08 to £268 now. Bills for unmetered customers rose an average 5.44% to £304, up £16 from 2007/08. [Thames Water website]
  • Thames Water is planning to incrase its charges by 3% above the rate of inflation [Norwich Evening News]