Meeting: Pay and Victimisation


Monday 13 October, 18:30, Friends House, 173 Euston Road (opposite Euston Station).

We are coming up to the time when the RMT will be discussing your next pay deal with the employers. We are seeking your views on what the pay claim should be and are asking you to attend this meeting to have your say on your future. As a democratic organisation we seek our members’ opinions on all important items and this is your chance to take part in this essential discussion.

Are TETRA Waves Dangerous?

Its official: no one seems to know!

After numerous meetings with management, Connect experts and a series of TETRA wave boffins, the Train’s Health and Safety Council are none the wiser about the effects of TETRA waves on the health of our members.

Given that we are mere drivers this is hardly surprising. More worryingly, at a recent TETRA conference organised by LU, the head of LU’s Occupational Health and an eminent expert in the field, brought in for a questions and answers stint, could not give guarantees about the safety of this new technology.

Report from the Tier 2 Trains Council meeting

If you are not already aware, this is how the LU Health and Safety Machinery works: if Health and Safety problems or concerns arise locally, the first port of call is your local RMT health and Safety Representative at the Depot. They will raise these concerns with the local manager. If no resolution to the problem can be found, the matter will be referred to us at the Tier 2 Trains Safety Council. If we are unable to resolve the matter it then gets referred to LU Directors / RMT Head office level for them to resolve. Below is a snapshot of items currently being discussed at Tier 2.

Upgrades Report

Owing to the amount of upgrades with stock and signalling, LU last year allowed the RMT to appoint a dedicated Safety Rep solely to deal with new Upgrade issues. This Rep is Gwyn Pugh from Acton Town Depot.

He has supplied us an update of the burning issues that we will be facing soon.

Code Red: there are plans afoot for Controller to have the ability to stop trains immediately without having to call a „code red‟. The Controller will have a button on his desk that we only have to push for all trains to grind to a halt.

RMT Demands Re-instatement of Victimised Rep Andy Littlechild

... & No Cuts in Signals Maintenance or Imposed Rosters

New leaflet for Metronet workers. read the text below, and click on the file name at the bottom to download the leaflet (PDF)

AROUND 2,500 Tube infrastructure workers at Metronet are to be balloted for industrial action over breakdowns in industrial relations following the victimisation of an RMT safety rep, dangerous plans to reduce signals maintenance and attempts to impose rosters.

Trains Health & Safety Council newsletter

September's newsletter from RMT's Trains Health & Safety Council reps includes:

.Click on the links above to read the articles. Click on the file name below to download and print the newsletter.

RMT Regional Organisation Conference 29/8/08

The following is a report of the organisational conference on 29 August requested by branches and facilitated by the Region.

The day began with a general assessment of some recent disputes, including those involving TfL, Metronet, Tubelines, and the fight against Casualisation within LUL, with a view to establishing what the union did well and where it did badly.


Minutes of RMT London Transport Regional Council meeting, August 2008

APOLOGIES: Peacock, Harris, Gandolfi, Haughian, Littlechild


  • Bakerloo
  • Camden - O’Brien, Reid, Vickers
  • Central Line West - Thomas, Parmar
  • DLR -
  • East Ham - Izard, Baillie
  • Finsbury Park - Watson, Jowcham, Rayfield, O’Hanlon, Kelly, Reid, Cochrane, Murr
  • LU fleet -
  • Hammersmith & City - Pinnock
  • Jubilee S. & East London - Aitken, Gwynn
  • LU Engineering - Darby, Jackson
  • Morden & Oval -
  • Neasden - Eivers, Wood
  • Picc & Dist West - Sutton, Martin, Pugh, Hodgson, New, Vyas
  • Retired - Richardson
  • Stratford - Mirza

DLR Recruitment Day Success

On Thursday 31 July, RMT’s Docklands Light Railway (DLR) branch held a recruitment day. Les Sime (branch chair) reports ...

First of all, we would like to thank the members of the regional council for attending our first ever recruitment day - Bros Hedley, O’Dowd, Hodgson, Rayfield and Pottage, and Sisters Siddall and Booth.