Campaigning for better pay

Tube Maintenance Strike Rock Solid

Tube union RMT said this morning that a strike of Alstom tube maintenance staff on the Jubilee and Northern Line's that began at 19.00 last night is rock solid. Pickets have been out in force at all three Alstom tube maintenance depots.

RMT has received reports this morning of disruption and delays to south bound Northern Line services on the northern section of the Edgware branch during rush hour.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

TfL/LUL Pays Directors Handsomely While Cutting Frontline Staff

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read details of TfL / London Underground directors' pay.

A few examples of how much some of our bosses were paid in 2009/10:

  • Peter Hendy, Commissioner of Transport: £393,551
  • David Brown, TfL Managing Director Surface Transport: £316,655
  • Steve Allen, TfL Managing Director Finance: £310,601
  • Vernon Everitt, TfL Managing Director Group Marketing and Communications: £283,919
  • Phil Hufton, LU Chief Maintenance Officer: £267,891
  • Howard Carter, TfL General Counsel: £268,556

Alstom Workers Vote for Action for Decent Pay

Are you prepared to take strike action?

  • Total Votes Cast...86
  • Number Voting Yes...74
  • Number Voting No...10
  • Spoilt Papers...2
  • (Yes vote is 88% of valid vote = 8:1 majority)

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

  • Total Votes Cast...86
  • Number Voting Yes...81
  • Number Voting No...4
  • Spoilt Papers...1
  • (Yes vote is 95% of valid vote = 22:1 majority)

Resolution: 2011 Pay Claim

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and amended by Finsbury Park branch, was passed by the August meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council believes that RMT's pay claim to London Underground for 2011 should include:

  • a flat-rate pay rise for all grades ie. a sum of money (say, £3,000) rather than a percentage figure. This should not be less than would have been achieved by an RPI pay rise for 2011.
  • a rise sufficient to fund workers having to pay an additional 2.5% VAT from 2011.

Massive Victory for ISS Cleaners

TUBE UNION RMT today secured a massive victory for low paid workers as it was confirmed today that all tube cleaners will be paid the London Living Wage of £7.85 per hour backdated to the 1st of July.

RMT has mounted a long and hard campaign for the cleaners to be paid the London minimum and the final group, the Tube Lines cleaners working for ISS, will at last join their colleagues on a decent rate of pay from this month.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Wins London Living Wage for Cleaners

From Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser ...

I am delighted to report that in negotiations conducted today, ISS have agreed to pay the Tube Lines cleaners the London Living Wage of £7.85 for cleaners, and £9.51 for cleaning supervisors from 1 July 2010. This now brings all cleaners on the Underground up to the London Living Wage.

RMT Calls On Boris Johnson To “Get Out Of The Bunker” Over Tube Lines Dispute

TUBE UNION RMT today issued a renewed call for London Mayor Boris Johnson to “get out of the bunker and start talking” as the clock ticks down towards two 48 hour strikes called by the union in defence of jobs, pay and working conditions on Tube Lines starting next Wednesday.

RMT have warned that the threat to tube maintenance jobs will have serious safety consequences with the union already compiling evidence that repairs and renewals schedules are being hacked to pieces in the dash to slash budgets.

Neasden Flyer - April 2010


Please Find Attached the April Edition of 'The Neasden Flyer'

Inside this issue
FEELING SHORT CHANGED?? - LU forgets to pay 'bonus and payrise'
Go Gash Go - Update on winning a CDI
Communication is Key - visit the Neasden Branch Website
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Non-payment of London Underground Pay Rise

Today is London Underground pay day, and staff have been shocked to discover that their pay does include the 4.2% rise that should have applied from 1 April. After a long-running dispute last year, the pay deal was agreed in December, so London Underground has had plenty of time to arrange for the year 2 rise to be paid on time.

RMT suggests that staff may wish to submit a grievance, and recommends the following wording ...

Grievance to Employing Manager