Campaigning for better pay

Update: Dispute Talks

RMT representatives again attended talks aimed at resolving our 'jobs, pay and justice' dispute at ACAS on Wednesday 24 June.

Most of the day's discussion centred around management's difficulty with accepting that the settlement of the 2001 dispute (the so-called 'Jobs for Life' deal) means what it actually says! The agreement clearly states that:

  • "no compulsory redundancies will take place"; and that
  • "This agreement applies to all staff employed by LUL, the Infracos and their subsidiaries. "

TfL and LUL Senior Managers' Pay

We have learnt that TfL’s annual report, due to be published next week, will confirm that the number of senior managers earning over £100,000 a year has gone up from 123 to 163 in the past year, an increase of nearly one third. If you include Metronet and Crossrail, which is now part of TfL, the number of managers earning six figures plus goes up to 231. These figures don’t even include the huge sums that are being paid out to management consultants.

Tube workers take protests to Boris Johnson at City Hall over broken promises on cleaners' living wage and snow day pay

RMT tube workers will be taking a protest to Mayor Boris Johnson’s question time this Wednesday – 17th June – over his broken promises on the London Living Wage for some tube cleaners and over the docking of pay for staff who could not get into work on the snow day in February.

London Underground Replies on Snow Day Pay

Here is London Underground's reply to the letter that your Regional Organiser sent to him objecting to the company deducting staff's pay or leave on the day of heavy snow ...

Impact of Adverse Weather on 2 February 2009

I am writing in response to continuing demands for further discussion of LU's approach at a recent Stations Functional Council meeting.

Protest: Where's Our Snow Day Pay?

What they say ... Boris: I won't dock pay of snowed-in Tube staff after all... Mayor Boris Johnson today backtracked on a decision not to pay Tube staff who failed to turn up for work because of the snow. ... A spokesman for Mr Johnson said ... "The Mayor has absolutely no intention of penalising anyone who failed to get to work due to last week's exceptional weather." Evening Standard, 9 February

What they do ... Dock London Underground workers' pay or leave.

Join our protest outside Mayor's Question Time at City Hall (nearest station: London Bridge).

Hypocrites Or What?

Here is a list of what LUL and TfL pay their managers. That is the same LUL that offers its staff just 1% this year and RPI+0.5% for the next 4 years, and the same TfL that has not yet even tabled an offer.

Hypocrites? Judge for yourself ...

Other Workers Are Getting Pay Rises

Management would have us believe that all other workers are accepting pay freezes or 'moderate' (tiny) rises. Well, have a look at this list (one-year deals unless otherwise stated):

  • Merseyrail drivers: 4.55%, first year of 2-year deal, effective from 30 January 09
  • Trico Marine: 7.5%, effective from 1 January 09
  • UK Coal: 5%, first year of 3-year deal, effective from 1 January 09
  • House of Commons staff: 4.5% consolidated increases, including progression costs, first year of 3-year deal, effective from 1 April 08

Wage Concern Campaign


On Friday 15th May, the Employment Opportunities Bill will be debated in Parliament. The Bill has been put forward by Conservative backbenchers and it would enable employers to ‘opt-out’ of the Minimum Wage brought in by the Labour government ten years ago.

If passed, the system would be wide open to abuse by unscrupulous employers. For instance an employment agency could write a Minimum Wage Opt-Out into any contract potential staff would have to sign.

Unbelievably, they tried to claim it was against people’s ‘Human Right to work’ to have a Minimum Wage.

Resolution: Revised Pay Offer

This resolution, submitted by Neasden branch and seconded by LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously at the Regional Council meeting on 30 April 2009.

The Regional Council notes that LUL have now increased their 5-year pay offer to include increases of RPI plus 0.5% in years 2-5.

This offer remains entirely unacceptable in terms of both pay and the continued TfL redundancy process and withdrawal from no redundancy agreements that previously applied to all members.