Defending and extending your pension rights

Power Services Members Entitled To Transfer To TFL Pension Fund

That we note the latest correspondence on file from the Regional Organiser confirming the assurances sought by the General Grades Committee.

With regards to pensions, it has been agreed that transferring in staff will be entitled to in turn transfer into the TfL Pension Fund bringing with them their contributions.

Any further developments to be placed in front of the GGC.

London Transport Regional Council and Branches to be advised.

Tube Lines Reps To Discuss Further Action In Tube Lines Pension Dispute

We note the report from our lead officer, recommending industrial action in pursuit of this dispute. We instruct the General Secretary to arrange a meeting of our Tube Lines representatives as soon as is practical to discuss what form this action should take and to place a report in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and Tube Lines representatives to be advised.

RMT Firmly Opposes Suspension Of Transfers Into TfL Pension Fund

We welcome the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council, and share its firm opposition to the TfL Pension Fund suspending transfers into the fund. This decision threatens the stability of the Fund and removes important rights from some of our members.

We also agree that ‘suspending’ a rule for six years is an undemocratic manoeuvre to avoid the process of changing the rules.

RMT Members Agree All Workers Under TfL Umbrella Should Be Admitted To Superior TfL Pension Scheme

We note the report, which clearly illustrates the benefits of membership of the TfL Pension Fund as opposed to inferior, defined-contribution pension schemes that have been established by many employers operating under contract or franchise from TfL.

We note that:

  • Many companies now offer pension schemes that are significantly inferior to the TfL Fund.
  • Many of the workers concerned - eg. cleaners, canteen staff - would have worked for TfL (or its
    predecessor, London Transport) had they been employed prior to contracting-out, so would have been
    members of the TfL Fund.

Tube Bosses Refuse To Uphold "No Compulsory Redundancies" Agreement

We note the report from our lead officer.

We deplore the stated intention of the employer to refuse to:

  • allow transferring staff to join the TfL Pension Scheme;
  • uphold the settlement of the 2001 PPP dispute which includes ‘no compulsory redundancies’ and explicitly applies to all employees and all future employers; and
  • recognise RMT in departments into which our members are transferring

In accordance with the request of our lead officer, we instruct the General Secretary to obtain legal advice on these matters, to uphold the rights of our members.

Plan To Block Transferred Workers From Pension Scheme Will Be Resisited

We note the report from our lead officer. While welcoming the reintegration of some Tube Lines staff into LUL and TfL, we are disappointed that some will remain in Tube Lines, and appalled that the companies plan not to allow transferring staff to join the TfL Pension Scheme.

This is an attack not just on these members’ rights but on the security of the pensions of all other staff.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report on how we might progress our fight over this issue, and to place it in front of us within 14 days.

RMT Slams Tube Bosses Two-tier Workforce Plans

Tube union RMT has slammed plans to transfer some Tube Lines clerical and project staff back in-house to London Underground without pension or travel facilities and has threatened industrial action to defend the terms and conditions of its members.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said that while proposals to re-integrate some staff into LUL may sound positive after the long-running PPP Tube privatisation fiasco, the 700 or so staff involved would not be allowed to join the TfL pension fund.

RMT Concerned About Pension Contribution Levels For New Tube Drivers'

We note with concern the correspondence from our Bakerloo branch that recently-recruited drivers did not have their pension contributions adjusted to the correct level until the first pay period of 2013 despite being in their new grade for many months.

We remind London Underground Ltd that the TFL Pension Fund rules are clear, and that a driver member is entitled to accrue his/her pension as a driver from the date of his/her appointment as a driver.