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Plus reports of the support we are receiving.

London Fire Brigades Union Backs Striking Tube Lines Workers


London Fire Brigades Union is backing Tube Lines workers starting a 72-hour strike from 4pm this afternoon. The tube workers want access to the Transport for London pension scheme.

Ian Leahair, FBU Executive Council member for London said: “We’re throwing our support behind the Tube Lines workers taking strike action to secure access to the TfL pension scheme. A decent occupational pension is essential for workers to ensure they are not living in poverty in retirement.

Video: Tube Workers And Supporters Protest Outside London's City Hall Over Ticket Office Cuts

RMT and TSSA union activists and supporters urged London Mayor Boris Johnson to reverse ticket office closures on London Underground that will see 800 jobs cut and safety seriously compromised. They delivered 1,500 protest postcards signed by Londoners warning of the dangers of the plan and demanding a rethink. Video filmed and edited by Chris Kasrils.

More support for our strikes

Although much of the tube network is still inaccessible for many disabled people for those of us able to use it we rely very much on staff being available to help us do so. If your staffing levels are reduced further then disabled people will find it more difficult to go out and will once again become isolated in their homes.
We would therefore like to send our support to all the strikers. You are fighting for us as well.
In Solidarity,
Linda Burnip
Disabled People Against Cuts

Passengers Writes to Boris Johnson ...

Dear sir,

As a regular user of the tube, I urge you to reconsider the cuts as I feel we have a sufficient passenger service (albeit not excellent!). I fear any cuts would only further detriment what is already an understaffed industry, in fact among other things, the reason the current staff just about get on with it is because the majority of them appear thoroughly polite, efficient and hard-working. in light of this we londoners support the strike action and hope that you hear our voices and reconsider.

Yours sincerely
Craig - Stratford E15

Dear Mr Mayor

More messages of support for our fight against job cuts

As a London resident I completely agree with you about the importance of having adequate staff on the London Underground. In my view, there are currently too few staff and to reduce the numbers further is dangerous, unhelpful and demonstrates a lack of insight and too much focus on the bottom line.
Best wishes,
Caitlin Morrow

I support the strike - as a woman who often travels alone on tubes I really value having hard working and helpful tube staff on hand to ask for assistance.
Keep on fighting the cuts!
Katy Arnold

Another message of support

I would like to register my support of your fight to protect your terms and conditions of employment at London undergound. The tube and the people work on it are one of the best things about London and I hope that continues into the future.

Regards, Ciaran Ryan Barons Court London

More Support From Passengers

I support the strike. Somehow, the message has to get out to the public, but at the moment I'm afraid the right-leaning press, Metro included, is making it all out to be a money-grabbing exercise and people are buying it. Good luck. Eddie de Oliveira