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<img src="/sites/default/files/support.jpg" align="right" hspace="20" width="180">How the wider workers' movement and the public can support RMT's campaigns.

Plus reports of the support we are receiving.

Support for our campaign against staffing cuts

Hello RMT and tube workers

I fully support the retention of staffing at tube stations because of the following:-

1. Personal safety, CCTV cannot be a substitute for having a responsible person on site to help people especially lone female passengers.

2. Rail safety, supervisors have safety duties to do with points and other equipment, who will be on the ground to deal with this?

3. Ticketing, machines break, also they are difficult for some people to use i.e. those with learning disabilities, sight problems and people from different countries.

More messages of support for our fight against job cuts

"Keep up the struggle against the job cuts. Of course it is political, as Boris keeps reminding us, it would be when you want to sack workers and cause a lot of social conflict.
"It's a shame that the political dominance of ideas has made people so selfish. It doesn't matter if you can't get to work for a couple of days - solidarity with the tube workers."
Carl Linkson, WEA GMB Tutor

Massive support received for RMT/TSSA campaign against LUL cuts

RMT has received massive support and solidarity messages for the campaign against cuts on London Underground:

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has thrown the weight of entire Labour movement behind our action, he has said: “Workers on the tube are understandably concerned that the cuts proposed for the underground will compromise safety for both the public and staff. We fully support the action staff are taking and call on the Mayor to engage in serious negotiations to resolve this dispute."

Message of support for our strikes

The coalition (Conservative/Liberal Democrat) government is attacking the basic rights and working conditions of workers, we must act now to prevent the loss of thousands more jobs. Whilst billions of pounds of public money has been spent to save the banks, the coalition government is reaping the cost of the economic crisis from ordinary working members of the public and the most economically disadvantaged including pensioners and Young people.

Solidarity Greetings from RMT East London Rail branch

East London Rail Branch RMT sends solidarity greetings and fraternal greetings to all our comrades, brothers and sisters striking to defend safety and jobs on London Underground.

Once again those who stand to lose the most, we find, lead us in our struggles.

We note that those paid telephone-number salaries are set on ripping the heart out of London’s transport network.

Messages of support for our action against Tube job cuts

I had a terrible journey today [Tuesday 7 Sept!] but nothing compared to how it would be every day with the cuts promised. And certainly nothing to how you guys are being treated.
You have this commuter's support. Keep up the fight!
Sean Robinson

An email of wholehearted support to everyone trying striking in defence of services, safety and jobs.
Thanks for the leaflet today which I picked up outside Camden (I walked to work from Finsbury Park in order to give a bit of support of my own). I will contact my member of the GLA and write to TFL and email Mayor Boris Johnson.
Best wishes to Mr Bob Crow and everyone supporting the strike.
Alison Cushing

Dear Union members
I was very pleased to talk this morning to members of the union on strike. As a regular user of London Underground I fully appreciate the concerns of the union about safety and staffing cuts. Travel would be much affected by lack of staff on every level and would leave many of us seeking alternative forms of transport or even changing work patterns, all of which would be detrimental, not only to our quality of life, but to the economy which this government says it is keen to put to rights. I might also add that my own daughter was so nearly caught up on that fateful day of the bombing but was advised by the staff to go home and that the presence of staff in the stations is essential to safety but also makes travel on the underground so much more endurable.
Best of luck in your negotiations. I will certainly voice my concerns to the relevant bodies and would appreciate being kept informed of any other ways the public can help.
Kathy Adams

Hi there,
I'm not in London today so couldn't come down to a picket line to show mysolidarity, but just wanted to say best of luck to all striking RMT members today and over the coming weeks.
As a regular tube user I fully support the staff in their struggle against these crazy job cuts. None of us want to feel unsafe in our own tube stations, nor see a return to the station fires of the 70s and 80s.
RMT should do everything in its power to publicly illustrate the relation between this dispute and the looming breath-taking cuts to the public sector. Both are clear examples of private pockets filling with public money stolen from ordinary workers.
In solidarity,
Greg Brown

Support from a Bakerloo passenger

Just to say that I was saddened to hear of the proposed staff cuts on the Bakerloo line. When I last used Warwick Avenue station, the member of staff topped up my Oyster card quicker than I could have done (I was running late as usual).

I have emailed the below message to the helpandcontact page of website and shall email the same to the Mayor. I have printed off the petition and shall collect signatures and send in also.

Good luck and best wishes, Charlotte Keech

Support from a Passenger

"I wanted to protest vigorously at the planned cut of staff at Warwick Avenue Station.

"This very busy station is important to all its users- tourists, locals, business people travelling at peak times. It has been the target of many incidents prevented by the attendance of its vigilant and kind staff

"I feel that it is important to keep it adequately staffed at all times."

Ann Futter