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<img src="/sites/default/files/support.jpg" align="right" hspace="20" width="180">How the wider workers' movement and the public can support RMT's campaigns.

Plus reports of the support we are receiving.

Passengers Say: Staff Our Stations!

Here are some of the responses we have received from passengers to our 'Staff Our Stations' leaflets:

"White City Tube Station is very busy and well and is situated at the heart of a large residential community and serves a number of major businesses such as the BBC and Westfield Shopping Centre. I object most strongly to the proposed staff cuts at this station."
Simon McKay

Public leaflet: The truth about the Tube dispute

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download. Read the text below.

There has been a tidal wave of media coverage of the 48 hour strike on TfL and LUL. Although that coverage is a reflection of just how successful the RMT action has been, it has also led to some incredible exaggeration, blatant political interference and in some cases sheer, barefaced lies.

The “Big Lie”

Open meeting: Support the Tube/TfL strike

Venue: Twelve Pins pub, next to Finsbury Park station.

A meeting for everyone who wants to support Underground and TfL workers in our fight for jobs, pay and justice.

Boris, the bosses and the Evening Standard are already working overtime to turn public opinion against us. We need your support to help ensure that Londoners see our side of the story too.

So whether you are a trade unionist, a climate campaigner, a socialist, a passenger, or just a human being with a sense of justice, please come along and help make plans to support our fightback.

Send Us a Message of Support

Please send a message of support to RMT members on London Underground currently battling against job cuts. Under a barrage of critical propaganda from the employers and media, your support will mean a lot to Tube staff who are taking a stand that could benefit passengers and workers.

Messages of Support for our Dispute

Just in case you thought we were unpopular for standing up for our jobs, pay and rights at work, here are some messages from people who think we are doing exactly the right thing!

"I would like to support everyone that is striking. Yes the Underground is an essential public service. That is why its workers should be treated as essential public workers. Not, as is, as flies that a right wing mayor can swat. Solidarity with you all the way."
James Youd, Green Party

"I completely support your strike action, as I support (nearly) all industrial action taken by workers. The press coverage has been woeful as ever but there are many people out there who completely support your industrial action. Stay strong."
Henry Rowling, Unite

"Keep up the fight, your setting an example to us all in the public sector who need to stand united and not let the bosses make us pay for their crisis. In Newcastle the council leaders are trying to privatise our local Metro service, we need to learn the lessons from the underground and fight privatisation, job and services cuts, and the bullying that will worsen if we don't defeat them. Your struggle is our struggle."
Ed Whitby
Shop Steward, Newcastle City Unison and Newcastle AWL

"Good luck to you all."
Clare Hatfull, POA Member

"I must be way out of date now the strike's over (I think - don't get to see much news, and having a chronic illness I dont use the tubes much either), but just to let you know at least some of us Londoners do support you. It's a shocking disgrace what the so-called Labour Party has done in shoring up the banks and doing nothing to stop bosses pay going stratospheric. Plus presiding over increasing inequality.
"I don't have a car so here's a cyber 'toot toot' to your campaign."
J Cameron

"Stay together and keep fighting!"
Dermot Bryers, UCU and London Citizens

"I wish you all the best in your industrial action. I have been greatly angered by the media coverage you have recieved, particularly in such trashy papers as The London Paper and London Light (I only read them when I find them on the train!) who's reporting has the flair of a five year-old with an easy identifiable agenda. What is truely disturbing however is that people may actually believe such reactionary gibberish when they read it. In this case let's just hope the truth can speak for itself."
Dan Read

"Lambeth Activists send solidarity to everyone on strike in the RMT, a real inspiration!
"We are a group of stewards in Lambeth who want to make UNISON a fighting union that sticks up for members' interests rather than being there for the union bureaucrats and interests of New Labour. Well done for taking this action, it's exactly what we need to do in the face of pay cuts and bullying management. UNISON could learn a thing or two from this!"
Dan Jeffery
Lambeth UNISON steward

"I can't join you on the picket line to express my support as I don't live in London, so I wanted to do it by sending you this message. Full power to you."
Jim Lowe
Fraternal GMB Delegate to Barnstaple Trades Council

"Don't let the bastards beat you down, keep at it."
Al Reed, CWU

"I am a Londoner who uses the Tube, and I fully support the strike. People have to stand up for their rights. Good on you, and best of luck!"
Lydia, Unite

"Good luck to you. I know the papers are laying into you, but I'm pleased to see someone standing up for the rights of working people. Yeah, it's inconvenient and yeah some people will have a hard time getting to work, but some one has to fight our corner."
Dan C

"Keep up the fight! you are participating in an important act of direct action to resist the profiteers who would rather ignore your steps to engage in collective negotiations to ensure that you work in safe and secure jobs. I support you fully and stand in solidarity with you!"
Meaghan Ross
General member - IWW London

"Dear colleagues,
"Workers across the public sector know what it is like to provide essential public services with poor rewards and a bullying, vindictive management. They talk about flexible working, but what they mean is squeezing more work out of us without giving us proper breaks or any home life. They talk about training and skills, but what they mean is paying us less to do more. They talk about new technology, but what they mean is shedding jobs and making those left behind pick up the slack. When we negotiate agreements the management often ignore them and do pretty much whatever they feel like.
"The only way that this can stop is when we take action collectively to defend ourselves, our job and our services. No-one else is ever going to do it for us. As a local UNISON representative I am involved in a four year long fight for justice for staff contracted out to private companies by the NHS, and they may soon be forced into industrial action to secure their rights, just as you have been. As the old trade union slogan goes, "an injury to one is an injury to all" but more crucially, a victory for one is a victory for all - if you win your dispute on the Tube it will give heart to workers everywhere.
"Your claims are just, your demands are reasonable. Good luck with your strike, and best wishes for a quick and total victory!"
Nick Holden
Workplace rep, UNISON, Leicestershire Health Branch

"I hope the strike is going well. I was looking for information about where to find picket lines, to stop by, but couldn't find it. Also it seems like some lines are still running. Now I have a moral dilemma: I would like to travel, but don't know if the strike is limited and there's an agreement to keep some running so London doesn't fall apart, or if it's kept open due to scabbies.
"If the latter I would boycott the tube in solidarity, but obviously it makes travelling more complicated. It would be great to see some large announcement about this.
"Either way, I wish you the best of luck with the strike and that you succeed with getting your demands met."
Go Strikers!

"All workers should support this action against job losses and for better pay.
"Instead of bailing out the bosses and the bankers we should demand that the government provides free public trasnport and jobs for all. Workers standing up for themselves is the way to go. No to bullying, no to job cuts. Full support in this struggle."
Jason Travis
Tameside National Union of Teachers

"I strongly support RMT members in striking over the crucial issues of jobs, pay and management behaviour. This is the only sane reaction to aggressive management who have been emboldened by a moronic mayor and the cabal of free marketeers now residing in City Hall.
"The reactionary and ignorant hostility from rags like the London Lite and London Paper and Evening Daily Mail / Standard is to be expected - they do not reflect public opinion, especially when people know the facts of the dispute.
"Forward to victory Comrades!"
Daniel Crimes, UNITE

"I ride the Tube in Stockholm almost every day, I just want to extend my warmest greetings of solidarity in your struggle. "Best wishes!"

"Congratulations to all the members of the RMT who are standing together in defence of both their own jobs and those of their colleagues. It is heartening to see a group of workers willing to stand together to defend what is right in the face of a clearly hostile management and media machine. Keep up the good work!"

"Just wanted to say stay strong and keep fighting. As one of the more militant unions out there, you provide a guiding light to us all - you fight, and, shockingly, you win! Keep fighting and keep winning, and you will be supported.
Robert Stirling
Chair, Reading Grassroots Action and the Indutrial Workers of the World

"Liverpool TUC sends its congratulations to the RMT for standing up to the bosses' attacks by striking over pay and jobs.
"Your stance is an inspiration to the whole movement. We give you are full support and if there is anything
practical we can do to help your struggle just say the word."
Mark Hoskisson
Secretary, Liverpool Trades Union Council

"All the best; your case is just and deserves all our support."
Steve McKee

"Feminist Fightback, the socialist feminist campaigning group, sends solidarity to all LUL and TfL strikers. We were active in supporting the RMT cleaners' strike last year, and give 100% support to your struggle now."
Feminist Fightback

"Viva Tube Workers! Solidarity from a student and public sector worker!"
Luke Evans, NUS

“London depends on the Tube workers and the Tube workers are entitled to get support from London."
Tony Benn

"Total support for your action. Solidarity is strength!"
Nick Heath
Work in Further education - UNISON

"Solidarity. Be brave and stand up to bullying managers and bosses to say that workers deserve a decent wage, no job cuts and decent working conditions - demand what we want, no compromise."
Gemma Short

"The tube workers are a bulwark for us all, and your victory will be our victory too.
Good luck with the strike!"
Asa, NUJ

"Solidarity in your struggle. Keep fighting!"
Katherine McMahon
Exec member, Edinburgh University Students' Association (pc); Education Not for Sale

"Keep up the fight! The actions of workers in the RMT in the last few years have been inspiring and have led by example for workers across the UK.
Solidarity with you all!"
Seb Klier

"Good on you guys. With you all the way."
James Ross
Member, Unite

"Good luck."
Ben Galleani

"Solidarity, your cause is just and we are all hoping for your victory."
Joe Sammut, student

"We can't let them use the credit crunch to drive down our terms of employment your battle is also my battle together we shall win."
Stephen Hetterley

"I'm sure that there will be folks unhappy with the strike, There are those who are worried about getting home , the inconvenience etc....I'm one of them, BUT thats life I say. You have my support 100 %, A strike is not to be taken lightly, and if you lot feel it is neccessary, then it is neccessary.
"I'm telling friends and colleagues to ignore the propaganda in the news, and find out for themselves the truth. All power to you, I hope you win this fight!
"All the best."
Michael Gardiner
Departmental rep, UCU, LSHTM

"I fully support your reasons for striking and I hope that managment will come to their senses, we need decent transport in London and for this we need staff who are well paid and respected."
Shelley Lees, UCU

"The trades council would like to send messages of support to all tube workers striking.
"Any support that we can offer in our area - then just let us know, any where you want us to leaflet and picket with you then we will certainly see what we can do.
"Good luck."
Nadine Houghton, Organiser with Battersea and Wandsoworth Trades Council

"Good luck to you, and don't give in. You are fully justified, although it does not matter to me why you are striking, or why anyone strikes -- I'm just glad to see workers standing up for themselves."
Don Atherton, Volunteer Human Rights worker

"I strongly support the RMT members strike. The health and safety of commuters are vital, as well as job security and stopping management from bullying staff. London underground has been running efficient system, working effectively and taking customers seriously. There is nothing like getting stranded each morning with nobody being directly accountably to customers! I would dread it.
"The staff deserve all the support and I have always supported them."
Best wishes.
Anne Okello, LSE

"you have my best wishes
in solidarity"

"Wholehearted support from me and many others in the GMB. Hope your struggle inspires many others to fight back. Unity is strength."
Rory Macqueen
Branch Secretary, GMB G58


"I'm glad to see you fighting against job cuts and pay cuts. Keep up the good work and I hope the strike is successful.
Jack Youd, Socialist Party (Salford and Manchester Branch)

"I fully support your right to strike - good luck."

"The TFL bosses are a disgrace, over 123 of the them earn over £100,000 and are responsible for the Metronet collapse. I support the workers who help me travel every day, who look after my safety and inform us of whats going on. How dare they threaten their jobs and their pay for a decent living.
David Braniff-Herbert
National Co-Ordinator for Students, Unite the Union

"I think its very important to send you a message of support and offer you all my best wishes since there is such a barrage of critcical propaganda from the employers and media to say the least. You guys are fighting for a better future for the workers on the tube and the wider public should appreciate you and the job you do instead of being cross with you as a lot of people are as the media fail to get across exactly why you are striking.
"Solidarity as a worker and a student!!"
Sanjay Kulkarni, Unite & UEL student

"Keep fighting. You are the unsung heroes of many people's day to day business and deserve at least the rights you are fighting for, and much much more."
Lucy Freedman

"Best of luck for the strike. I'll be rooting for a quick and total victory for the tube workers!"
Ant Ince

"I live too far away to support you in person but my wishes and fraternal support is with you."
Neil Anthony, UNITE Union

"Solidarity now and in the ongoing struggle. All the media slander just goes to show how afraid the bosses and crisis-mongers are of a powerful group of workers who don't back down. If others had done the same over the last 30 years things would be very different now."
Matthew Hulbeck, precarious part-time clerical worker

"Good Luck! You do a fantastic job on the Underground, makes travelling through London fun, easy and exciting. I love you and you deserve better treatment!"

"RMT members,
"Just wanted to say that you always have my full support when you take industrial action. Though it is often portrayed otherwise I know that such a decision is not taken lightly.
"I rely on the London stations and services you all men (or women) provide daily but, as long as RMT members have issues with their bosses – be they regarding job security, hours, pay, pensions or safety – I am in complete solidarity with you. So, for the duration of any strike – be it three days or three months – I will gladly make alternative travel plans without even a grain of resentment towards the unionised workers, for I know that it is the bosses and the great rail operators that are the cause of your conflict.
"UP THE RMT!!!!"
Eren Panesar
UNITE member and daily user of Rail and Tube services

"If we have a shabbily-treated public transport workforce we're going to have a shabby public transport service. We need a well-rewarded, high morale, high skills workforce. And a management that can move beyond picking pointless fights."
Gordon Nardell, Labour Councillor, London Borough of Southwark

"Solidarity and fraternal greetings from a retired railway worker, Sheffield."
Paul Acaster

"Climate Camp London sends it's solidarity and a message of support to workers on London Underground and Transport for London currently being balloted for strike action in response to massive proposed job cuts, the tabled offer from management of a five year pay freeze and the news that two cleaning contractors have reneged on their promise to start paying the London living wage of £7.45 an hour.
"We welcome this stand by workers against yet another attempt by the bosses to make us suffer as a result of their mess. At a time when we are mobilising against the G20 summit where world leaders will meet and draw up plans for saving their bankrupt system of exploitation and devastation. We see the kind of attack facing transport workers as rooted in the same rationale that drives environmental damage; the logic that bosses' profit at all costs, whether at the expense of people or at the expense of the environment, should be the basis of our society.
"An efficient, safe, reliable system of public transport under control of the people who use it and work on it is a vital tool in combatting climate change. If we are to acheive this, making a stand to defend the people who could really run such a system is essential.
"We have a common enemy, the politicians and bosses who would just as happily slash our wages, squeeze every bit of work out of us or dump us into unemployment as they would wreck our planet for the sake of preserving their power and wealth.
"We won't pay for their crisis!"
Climate Camp London

"Keep up the good work people, never EVER give in management bullying. When tyranny is law, revolution is order!"
Fraser O'Shaughnessy, Prison Officers' Association Branch Chair, HMP Bronzefield

"You have right upon your side, and the support of Trade Unionists around the UK.
"Yours will not be an easy fight, but you have right upon your side.
"We wish you well."
Hamish Drummond
Scotland East Branch Secretary, Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS)

"Best wishes for a successful outcome in your current struggle. You're fighting for the jobs and conditions of workers everywhere."
Anne & Martin Brown, Education for Tomorrow journal and NUT (Hounslow)

"Your struggle is ours!"
Daniel Nichols
UNISON LFEPA, Labour Link Officer

"We would like to offer our full support and solidarity to RMT members preparing for strike action over jobs, pay and management bullying on London Underground and Transport for London. In recent years, RMT members have shown the way to members of other unions by their unflinching willingness to fight, and fight hard, against attacks on pay and conditions by their managers. In the current economic climate it can be hard to persuade workers to take strike action, as we have found in the NUT; but our pay campaign continues and many of us will look to RMT members to lead the way in forcing the bosses to pay for their own crisis. We wish you every success in your coming struggles."
Joe Flynn, David MacDonald, Gerald McCormack, James Dobbin, Ali Chaudhry, Anita Raghunath
Members of Croydon NUT - teachers' union

"Solidarity! Your struggle can show young workers like myself that trade unions can really be weapons we can use to fight for our rights against our bosses."
Daniel Randall, Secretary, GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Regional Young Members Advisory Committee

"From myself and many other members from North Wales working on the Irish Sea - keep it strong and good luck. You have my full support! Good luck, solidarity..."
Gwyn Williams
RMT Young Members Liaison Committee

"This dispute could be massive for enlivening the labour movement to see that in a recession we can't just limit our demands but should be as forthright as ever!
"Solidarity with the struggle!"
Stephen Wood, T&G/UNITE

"Never back down! The people united will never be defeated!"
Alan Stevenson, Salford Left Forum

"As a postal worker, I fully support your efforts to resist management's attacks on your jobs and pay. As in the post, the employers are expecting us to pay the costs of the failure of their system. We are not the ones who have taken the decisions which have led to this situation, why should we be the ones to suffer for it?
"Action by any section of workers strengthens and encourages us all."
Pete Firmin, postal worker, CWU and Brent Trades Union Council

"I'd like to add my support to your current, and ongoing, struggle. I'm well aware how industrial action is frequently misrepresented in the mainstream media, and encourage anyone to look beyond this to other sources of information."
Carl Mandy, Sixth form college teacher

"Wishing you strength. Go for it."
Vaughan, Finance Sector Union, Australia

"The Edinburgh University Feminists would like to express its solidarity during your ballot for strike action. One of our activists joined the picket lines this summer during the cleaners' strike, and was impressed by the courage and determination evident there. We believe that the cleaners' work is being undervalued and are angry at the tactics being used to try to undermine their right to protest. We want to show our support for the possibility of action being undertaken now as you continue this struggle. We think that the fight for decent pay and job security is even more relevant in a recession as this shouldn't be an excuse not to value people properly. We stand in solidarity with those who have faced intimidation."
Edinburgh University Feminists

"Good luck brothers and sisters form a Scottish Socialist Party member and worker"
Mick Eyre, Addiction Worker/ Unison Member

"Solidarity from the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. Our comrades on the Tube are, naturally, very involved in the dispute, but the rest of our organisation is also working hard to build solidarity. In order to gain the confidence to fight back, the working class needs to see a significant group of workers take on the bosses and win. Your dispute has significance beyond its immediate demands."
Sacha Ismail, Workers' Liberty

"Full support. You need it and deserve it. Stay strong."
James Ross, Member, Unite

"I'd just like to express my support for the proposed industrial action on the Tube. Bosses are trying to make us pay for the crisis, and we need to send a clear message that we won't, but we will act to protect our jobs, our wages and hours and our dignity."
Yours fraternally,
Jim Lowe
GMB Fraternal Delegate to Barnstaple Trades Council (North Devon)
Secretary, North Devon Socialist Party

"Just wanted to say good luck! Turn that Brown upside down!"
Luke Roelofs

"I feel for your rights and am shocked by the manner in which your strikes attract criticism simply because it is the easiest way out for the media. It is my sincerest hope that your strike achieves its aims. In solidarity!"
Tanmay Shukla
Student, U Cambridge

"Please add my name to the list of those supporting action by RMT. A one-time teacher, I am currently and for a few months more a member of NUS, and active (from time to time) in Education Not for Sale. As someone who has spent his working as well as his student life in education I am heartened to see workers organising to defend jobs and services.
"The impact on education at every level, from day-care through to university, of the various kinds of privatisation and commercialisation introduced by Thatcher and Major and sustained and furthered by Blair and Brown, has been pernicious. Public monies are siphoned into private hands. Millions of pounds of funding for essential provision, which properly should be bourne by the state, is withdrawn, thus requiring parents and carers to buy basic services for their school-aged children. The cost of educating the next generation of young people at college or university, which ought to be regarded as a public good and charged to public funds, is instead loaded onto that generation itself in the form of loan-debts.
"The economic system of capitalism cannot guarantee jobs for all, far less adequately-paid and habitable jobs for all. As the richest in society receive giant pay-offs, bail-outs and pensions from the public purse, it is right that workers who provide a vital public service and whose labour is taken for granted act to safeguard their own position within capitalism and simultaneously help pose the question: in whose interests shall our shared society be run?"
Patrick Yarker

"I'm in UNISON Northern Devon Healthcare Branch. Give it some stick! The more people fight back the better."

"The way the employers are treating TfL and Tube staff is disgraceful, and it's even worse that they dare tell you that you shouldn't fight during a recession. For students, the recession means cuts, unemployment and poverty, and a lot of us, myself included, are shitting ourselves. Someone needs to set an example and stand up against the bosses' crisis - you have my support."
Edward Maltby
NUS / National Secretary, Education Not for Sale

"Good luck with your strike you have my full support. The failure of the bankers cannot be used to excuse the condemnation of working class people to poverty and the misery of unemployment. Your action to defend your jobs is an inspiration to others across the country and I am hopeful that it will defend your jobs. Good luck.
James Nock, Socialist Students

"Just to let you know you have my support and respect and that of my colleagues. Your militancy is inspiring workers in other trade unions, keep it up!"
Martin Crozier, Socialist Party

"Keep up the brave work lads. nowt else to say coz you're all speakin for us up here in the north where are unions arent good enough to take us out into a solid strike yet. solidarity forever!"
[Ta for message, Marcus, but please note that we are not all lads!]

"From everyone in Leeds: keep up the good fight."
in solidarity
Jennifer Wilkinson, Leeds Socialist Workers Party

"Don't let the bastards grind you down!
We won't pay for the bosses' greed.
United we stand"
Laura Burn Acaster, Edinburgh College of Art

Solidarity to all RMT members. Fight for your rights! Hope you're all marching tomorrow! [28 March Put People First demonstration]
Sam Coates, Cardiff Green Party

"All the best in the dispute, know that you are even supported by those of us who haven't even got jobs to defend due to the economic situation! Will try my best to visit picket lines if need be!
Graham Martin
University of Bradford Union (HLM)

"As a student who attended the demonstration against fees and marketisation of education, and who saw the support of the RMT Union, I in turn want to express my solidarity with all the workers who are suffering due to the inhumanity of our economic system. Please remember that you have the support of so many people, so please keep up the fight."
Aaron Kiely
Environment and Ethics Officer-elect / University of Kent Students Union

"Jubilations and Good Luck! We students are with you; thanks and keep it all up!"
Georgia Pettifar
University of York finalist

"As a student at UCL, I am constantly reliant on the work of RMT members at TfL/on the Underground whenever I use public transport. It is utterly unacceptable that employers should treat staff with such contempt and disregard given the key work they do and the current economic crisis. At UCL we are also starting a fight for the living wage for cleaners at UCL, this is part of the same struggle.
"Solidarity to RMT members and to all workers struggling against employers' exploitation!"
Sol Gamsu

"Taking action together against the problems in the world is the only way we are going to make a better one. Good luck!
Philip Richards

"Keep up the fight, comrades!"
Matthew Sellwood, Friends of the Earth, UNITE shop steward

"You have my support and that of many other students at Cambridge, and at other universities across the country, I am sure. I sincerely hope that you achieve what you set out to achieve and more, and that you retain a sense of solidarity in the face of whatever hardships you may have to endure. I hope to see visible public support for your fight, both to help you win concessions, and to show you that people care. Good luck."
Luke Hawksbee, King's College, Cambridge University

"Best wishes and good luck!"
Ceri, Student

"I graduated from university last year and have been in touch with people in the recent occupations for Gaza in Cambridge and elsewhere. I would like to respond to the rmtlondoncalling website's call for support.
"I'm currently living in London and, heck, you'd have my full support if strike action were taken despite any disruption it would cause to me on an individual level - but then that's what solidarity is about."
Owen Holland

"You have my full support in your fight!!!"

Solidarity from fellow public sector workers across the South East. Unity is strength!
Chris Leary
Surrey County UNISON Convenor/Young Members' Officer/Comms Officer, UNISON South East Young
Members' Forum Vice Chair (pc)

"We, the undersigned, support the upcoming struggle by RMT members on London Underground and at Transport for London over pay, jobs and management harassment. The RMT has supported our fight for free education; we are going to support their fight now!"
Tami Peterson, Birkbeck SU Exec and Trustee Chair
Danielle Grufferty, Liverpool Guild President
Daniel Lee, University of Manchester SU
Saba Poursaeedi, Union of UEA Students
Tom Wills, University of Sussex SU President-elect
Daniel Rawnsley, Oxford University SU
Chris Marks, Hull University Union VP Education-elect
Daniel Randall, University of Sheffield Union of Students and NUS Trustee Board-elect
Gemma Short, University of Sheffield Union of Students
Robbie Gillett, University of Manchester SU Communications Officer
Aled Fisher, LSESU General Secretary
Arran Cottam, University of West of England SU
Lee Vernon, University of Sussex SU Finance Officer
Graeme Kirkpatrick, Aberdeen College VP
Patrick Rolfe, Cambridge University SU
Sam Margrave, Staffordshire University SU Societies Officer
Michael Chessum, University College London Union
Simon Hardy, Westminster SU
Koos Couvee, University of Sussex SU
Alex Young, University of Sheffield Union of Students
Adam Ramsay, Edinburgh University Students' Association President
Kath McMahon, Edinburgh University Students' Association
Mark Harrison, Manchester Metropolitan SU
Lloyd Russell-Moyle, University of Bradford Union Secretary-Treasurer
(Delegates and observers at the National Union of Students conference 2009 - names collected by Education Not for Sale)

"In Solidarity... keep fighting."
Zoe Scandrett

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi. Which goes for me too!"
Carol Kiely

"Students support your fight, together in solidarity we can defeat the greedy bosses! Students and workers, unite and fight!"
Elliot Dickens, Kent Student Socialists - General Secretary

"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! Keep up the struggle and keep fighting."
Yours in solidarity.
Helen Flanagan, PCS Vice-Chair National Young Members Committee (pc)

Keep struggling - you are setting an example for unions across the country who are being denied what they are due. STRIKE!"
Alex Evans
Alliance for Workers' Liberty, Cambridge

"Trade unions were formed to unite workers in strength to stop abuse and bullying of workers. The threat is still with us. My support is with you for the struggle you are in for fairness and justice. You do a great job for not enough reward. Do not weaken.Your struggle is right."
Neil Anthony, UNITE Union

"Solidarity Comrades."
Paul Dyer
RMT Shop Steward, North Devon Bus Branch

"Fair wages for all, full investment for vital public utilities such as the Underground. No more giant salaries for fat cats, politicians and other parasites..."
Joe Dalston
Campaign for Free Public Transport

"I trust you are doing a good job. Do not let us down."
Tony Galizia