Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Defend Job Security - Defend the 'Jobs for Life' deal!

London Underground is shedding 1,000 jobs, and is considering making compulsory redundancies. Around 70 staff are still under threat of being forcibly sacked.

The company’s action directly breaches our ‘no compulsory redundancies’ agreement. If LUL gets away with breaching this agreement for this group of staff – who are in administrative and management grades – then it will try the same for other staff too. Your job and your grade could be next.

Admin now, other grades next

The Fight Goes On

Prepare to strike again for jobs, pay and justice

RMT’s strike action last month has won some steps forward in our fight for jobs, pay and justice – but these steps are not enough, and we may well need to strike again.

On Monday 6 July, around 200 RMT reps and members met to discuss the dispute. They unanimously to reject LUL's stance, and to renew our efforts to explain the issues to staff. A new, special issue of ‘RMT London Calling’ aims to do that.


RMT is campaigning for:

New leaflet: RMT membership standing firm!

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download and print this leaflet. Read the text below.

A clear message was delivered by LUL/TfL RMT members at Monday’s Friends House Mass Meeting.

This is because LUL management are stonewalling in negotiations so much, that they’ve actually moved backward on some issues that were near resolution with the pre-strike deal mysteriously pulled by management at the last minute on 9th June!

Reps and Members Discuss Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Yesterday, a total of around 200 RMT reps and members attended two meetings to discuss the current dispute on LUL about jobs, pay and justice. Reps reported on the views of members in their workplaces, and there was a consturctive and useful discussion about tactics, with different views from different areas, the majority expressing a view that further industrial action may well be necessary. The meetings unanimously agreed that RMT should not accept what is currently on offer from LUL management, and to step up efforts to explain the issues and up-to-date situation to members.

Speech to mass meeting

These are the notes of my speech to RMT's mass meeting about the jobs/pay/justice dispute at the start of July:

Three things: 1. recognise the effectiveness and importance of the strike 2. argue that we can not settle for what is on the table now 3. stress that what we do next must be what you as reps - and your members - want us to do

1. A fantastic 48 hours

  • regained our dignity by standing up to management
  • despite small amount of scabbing (whihc always happens), it was solid and effective

Pay: Recent Settlements

Here are some recent pay settlements, which may help put London Underground's and TfL's current offers in perspective:

  • HBOS: 4.25%
  • Lloyds TSB: 4%, second year of 3-year deal
  • Phoenix Healthcare Distribution: 3.65%
  • BAE Regional Aircraft: 3%
  • BVT Surface Fleet: 3%
  • Stagecoach South West: 3.2 - 4.5%
  • Stagecoach South West Weillington depot: 4%
  • Maersk Offshore Deep Sea Ratings: 3%
  • Hitachi: 4.2% from 1 January 2009, plus 3% from 1 April 2009
  • Wabtec: 3.5%
  • Unipart Crewe: 2.5%

London Underground Reps' Meeting

London Underground has agreed to release all level one reps from work on Monday to attend this important meeting. You will hear reports from negotiators and discuss what you think of the company's latest position on the three issues in our dispute: jobs, pay and justice.

Venue: Friends House, Euston Road (opposite Euston station)

Mass Meeting: Pay Talks and Other Dispute Issues

meetingVenue: Friends House, Euston Road (opposite Euston station).

Please attend the meeting on Monday 6th July 2009 at 5pm to discuss the latest pay offer, the ACAS talks on our existing no compulsory redundancies deal and other issues in the dispute including the victimisation of RMT reps.

We will have a full and frank debate on all these matters and agree a course of action. This is your chance to tell your negotiators your views directly so please make every effort to attend.