Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Regional Organiser's report: Jobs / Pay / Justice dispute

I am writing regarding the latest position in negotiations with LUL and TfL over pay, the 'jobs for life' deal and bullying of our members.

Talks at ACAS have broken down because management have refused to discuss pay and bullying. The 'jobs for life' deal has been discussed but despite this deal being signed off by Gordon Brown and guaranteed by John Prescott management are refusing point blank to abide by it.

We have had another Goebbels-like piece of propaganda in senior management's 'Heads Up' communiqué stating that there are now only 70 jobs at risk and there were over 250 vacancies. If this were true then management could easily guarantee everyone at least one alternative job: why then are they not prepared to do this?

Update: Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

By Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser

We met management at ACAS to once again try and safeguard your jobs by simply getting them to abide by their own agreements.

We discussed the latest position at the Regional Council meeting this Thursday 1630 at Somers Town Community Centre (150 Ossulston Street, Camden [nearest station King's Cross]). We had to discuss the dispute at the Regional Council because management have turned down our request for paid release of reps.

Reply to London Underground's 'Heads Up' Bulletin

From Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser

You may be aware of management's propaganda bulletin “Heads up” and I think it is worth drawing your attention to the document issued on 16th July. If any of you were uncertain what the future holds if senior management get their way, this appalling mix of distortion and wishful thinking should set you right. It is probably better to expose the lies and distortions as they arise in the document of the 16th but as I am pressed for time I will only dwell on the most serious abuses of the truth.


Regional Council meeting - all members invited

Venue: Somers Town Community Centre, Ossulston Street, London NW1

For details of the agenda and resolutions for the Regional Council meeting, please click here.

As usual, all members are welcome to attend the Regional Council meeting. This time, we will have an extended discussion about the current LUL/TfL dispute, so urge members to make a particular effort to come along.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a leaflet advertising the meeting.

MATS staff: Defend Your Job, Defend Your Rights

An RMT member writes ...

MATS, if you are a M, SM, Technical or AD grade then the OCR is coming for you. LU Employee Relations have just ripped up the protection you thought you had under annexe H of the PPP contract and you are now eligible for Compulsory Redundancy.

Whether you are an Engineer, Document controller, CAD Draftsperson, Accountant, Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Architect, Site Surveyor, Buyer, Technical Writer, Planner or PA you are expendable as you are, in Gerry Duffy's words, "just back-room staff".

LUL Dispute - Update

Dear colleagues,

Having listened carefully to your representatives on 6th July 2009, it was unanimously felt that London Underground's offer in regards to pay did not meet our aspirations. More importantly, LUL were still refusing to abide by cast iron agreements on no compulsory redundancies and breaking other agreements.

Dispute Update: Jobs, Pay, Justice

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

Dear Colleague,



On behalf of the General Grades Committee, I would firstly wish to congratulate members and representatives on London Underground for their continuing unity which delivered a strong and successful strike last month.

Boris Johnson: Quarter-Million Pay is "Chicken Feed"

This link shows Boris Johnson describe his quarter of a million payment for a second job as a journalist as “chicken feed”.

It makes me wonder not only about our Mayor's judgement but also his hypocrisy in opposing the RMT pay claim. Why is it that millionaires so strongly oppose people on just over twenty thousand per annum getting a pay rise that keeps up with the real rate of inflation?!

RMT AGM: Stop the Sickness Bullies

At RMT's AGM, I proposed this resolution on behalf of Stratford no.1 branch. Lots of delegates spoke in favour of the resolution, telling stories of management abuse of sick staff in their company and/or area. This relates strongly to one of the three issues of our current Jobs Pay and Justice dispute. The resolution was passed unanimously. This is the text of my speech.

Across our industry, employers are clamping down on sickness absence.

'RMT London Calling' special issue - The Fight Goes On!

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the new issue of 'RMT London Calling', which goes through the issues behind RMT's current dispute with London Underground and Transport for London.

The union will be mailing this to every member in our region, so if you would like to come and help us stuff them into envelopes over the next few days, please contact Steve on 07545-530526 to volunteer your services!