Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Date of Reps' Meeting: Two Letters to London Underground

From Bob Crow, 14 September 2009

I am extremely disappointed that you have failed to take on board the representations that were made to you by my Regional Organiser at the Company Council meeting.

I understand that it was made quite clear to you that we needed until 6th October 2009, to respond to you on acceptance of this year’s pay claim. I would also point out that ASLEF required a deadline of 5th October.

Regional Organiser's report: Pay and more

Dear colleagues,

LUL - TfL - Alstom - Cubic - bus workers


I attended the LUL company council meeting on the 08/9/09 and discussed the pay offer. There was no improvement whatsoever on the last offer. It remains 1.5 percent this year and RPI plus 0.5 percent next year. LUL are prepared to release our reps for a meeting and I am requesting Tuesday 6th October 2009 (one day after the ASLEF reps are released) to take a sounding on where we go.

Jobs/Pay/Justice dispute: where we are

A summary of where we currently stand with the jobs/pay/justice dispute:

  • RMT is calling no more strikes for the time being.
  • Our disputes with LUL and TfL are still 'live' ie. not resolved.
  • The Regional Council's strike committee continues to meet and organise.
  • No RMT member will be made compulsorily redundant in the current LUL job-cut process.
  • LUL accepts that it has a 'no compulsory redundancy' agreement, but insists that this only applies to operational staff even though it clearly states that it applies to "all employees".

RMT Successfully Defends Jobs on LUL

From Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser ...

In response to management's internal circular claiming that the RMT have settled our dispute [which is attached] let me just clarify the position.

1. No RMT members will be made compulsorily redundant as part of the LUL organisational change process. There may well be members of other unions made redundant.

RMT Sets The Pace - Letter Morning Star 20th Aug. 2009

It was great to see the Morning Star headline Stunning victory for Tube workers (August 19), but, as your editorial made clear, this victory only concerns the workforce covered by the RMT who were willing to fight for their terms and conditions.

Other trade unions who have sat back are now left out of this agreement.

The same scenario is taking place in the TfL side of the dispute, but unfortunately also concerns the members of the RMT in this area.

Is the Dispute resolved? LUL thinks so, RMT members dont know?!

RMT's London Transport Region Membership were surprised and confused as to what is actually going on with regards to the LUL Dispute.

One moment our membership are getting circulars from Bob Crow regarding a 'Major win over 1000 redundancies' completly forgetting about our TfL Members

Next we get a Circular from Gerry Duffy, informing us, that our dispute is resolved! which i very much doubt it is, but i would be nice once in a while to hear it from our leadership RATHER than the bosses.

RMT chalks up major victory over Tube job security

TUBE UNION RMT today welcomed a major breakthrough in an on-going dispute with London Underground which will see the company sticking to agreed policies on redundancies, protecting the futures of a thousand staff who had been identified as being at risk.

The dispute, which was at the heart of the 48 hour tube strike earlier this year, has led to long hours of direct negotiation both face to face and through ACAS.

Bob Crow RMT general secretary said today:

Official Circular: Dispute Update

Circular No. IR/242/09


As you would have been made aware by email, text and press announcements, considerable progress has been made towards resolving the current dispute situation on LUL. I am pleased to report that there has been movement in respect of jobs, pay and other matters and the purpose of this circular is to give further details.


Regional Council Appeals Executive's Refusal to Discuss Dispute Resolutions

At our April meeting, the London Transport Regional Council past three resolutions about our jobs / pay / justice dispute. Unfortunately, the General Secretary refused to table two of these - those entitled Revised pay offer and Rank-and-file members be heard - to the Council of Executives. The Executive then delayed discussing our appeal against this refusal until it was too late to make any difference, and when it did decide, upheld the General Secretary's decision and would not let itself look at the resolutions!

Regional Organiser's Report on Jobs / Pay / Justice Dispute

I am pleased to announce that all RMT members facing compulsory redundancy have now been given or will be offered jobs. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who showed steadfast support for your colleagues who were at risk of being made unemployed. In particular I would like to thank all reps activists and those who manned the picket lines that made our forty eight hour dispute a huge success.