Jobs/Pay/Justice dispute: where we are

A summary of where we currently stand with the jobs/pay/justice dispute:

  • RMT is calling no more strikes for the time being.
  • Our disputes with LUL and TfL are still 'live' ie. not resolved.
  • The Regional Council's strike committee continues to meet and organise.
  • No RMT member will be made compulsorily redundant in the current LUL job-cut process.
  • LUL accepts that it has a 'no compulsory redundancy' agreement, but insists that this only applies to operational staff even though it clearly states that it applies to "all employees".
  • LUL's pay offer has been improved from a 5-year offer before our June strike to 2 years now: however, the money on offer (1.5% this year, RPI+0.5% (minimum 0.5%) next year) is not good enough.
  • LUL has agreed to discuss one of our conditions claims - that anyone who become medically unfit to do their current job should be guaranteed an alternative job - but still refuses to discuss the others.
  • There will be further talks on pay at London Underground's Company Council on tuesday 8 September, after other unions refused to go to ACAS.
  • RMT would like to see the other Tube unions join us in a united campaign for a better pay deal, as they have all rejected the current inadequate offer from management.
  • LUL has made a concession on its harsh disciplinary regime, agreeing to stick to the maximum 26 week warning for a first breach of the attendance policy and stop giving 52 week warnings.
  • Further issues about management bullying, discipline and attendance will be discussed at the APC (Attendance Performance and Conduct working party).
  • There are outstanding cases of injustices/victimisation against RMT members and reps.
  • On TfL, there will be further pay talks later this month (RMT is the minority union in TfL, and only recognised in some departments, so has less weight in negotiations than we have in LUL).