Jobs/Pay/Justice Dispute

Starting in March 2009, RMT's industrial action campaign for decent pay, against job cuts, and to stop management persecuting staff and breaking their own policies

Update on pay “talks”

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley writes ...

After a mammoth ten hour session at ACAS on Tuesday night, management left the building without as much as putting an offer on the table concerning pay or even medical redeployment. So non train drivers are to be discriminated against if LUL get their way; even Aslef members who are not drivers will suffer.

Of course we want everyone including drivers to have better medical redeployment, but LUL walked away promising only to hold a further meeting next Tuesday.

LUL resort to ancient tactic: Divide and Rule.

When RMT put in our pay claim back in November 2008 we submitted it in good faith. We expected management to negotiate improved pay and conditions in a reasonable and professional manner.

Think about it: London Underground staff were breaking records on mileage, customer satisfaction surveys and our bosses were enjoying receiving the plaudits. When was the last On The Move sent to your house that didn’t have some top manager on a junket with a trophy for “Best European railway,” “Best Customer Service”, etc, etc.

LUL Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service Dispute

circular logo
This is RMT's Official circular regarding LUL - IR/334/09 dated 10th of November 2009, from General Secretary Bob Crow.

You will be aware that, following consultation with our representatives, RMT previously decided not to accept LUL’s pay offer and to commence a re-ballot of its LUL Membership for industrial action. I can confirm that our stand prompted Management to arrange a meeting yesterday with all the unions at ACAS.

London Underground's Offer on Medical Redeployment

PLease find copied below, and attached, London Underground's proposal for medical redeployment (not a guaranteed alternative job) for drivers only (and only 25 drivers!). RMT does not accept this. The part at the end in BLOCK CAPITALS is a commitment obtained by RMT to further discussion within a week on extending this to other grades and lifting the maximum 25.


Talking About Pay at ACAS

Olly Brian and Paul at ACASRMT and London Underground are discussing pay at ACAS today.

RMT hopes that London Underground management take this opportunity to increase their insulting-low pay offer. Your union will ballot members for strike action should LUL's pay offer not give you a decent rise.

Check back to this website for news of what happens at the talks.

Three New Pay Ballot Leaflets/Posters

  • Updated 'shopping basket' poster
  • Updated drivers' pay poster
  • New leaflet aimed mainly at station staff - can be cut into two separate halves

You can use these materials either as posters on noticeboards or to hand out to individual staff. Please download, print and get them out as widely as possible!

Unite to Ballot with RMT over LU Pay Offer

Unite are to ballot their members at LU over the current pay offer. Unite have 600 members in LU, working in areas such as maintenance and safety. Unite members recently decided two to one that a ballot for industrial action was the way forward.

Unite say their ballot will coincide with the RMT’s ballot of its members on the pay issue. Unite anticipate that any resulting industrial action would be co-ordinated with the RMT.

Reject the pay insult - Vote YES for action

After a mass meeting of reps RMT is to reballot members on the dreadful 2 year pay offer made by LUL. The meeting agreed that issues over bullying and breaches of agreement had not been resolved and that a 1.5% rise this year and 0.5% on top of inflation next year was a slap in the face. A high turnout and a big yes vote will give RMT a fresh mandate to call more action and will send a message to management that they can stick their 2 year pay joke. So far RMT members have managed to get rid of LUL’s outrageous 5 year pay insult and have successfully defended our ‘jobs for life’ deal. Now the RMT is to escalate this dispute and force LUL to make us a sensible offer.