Regional Organisers reports

Reports and updates from Regional organiser John Leach

RMT meets with mayor, BTP chief, senior tube managers and sister unions to highlight security fears

Dear RMT members

Yesterday the General Secretary and myself attended a Security / Terrorism meeting (summit) with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of London.

All the trade unions in Tfl were there. The meeting covered all features of TfL operation including tube, buses, ferries, DLR, London Overground, cable car, all contractors and directly employed engineering and maintenance staff, cleaners ... everyone in fact.

The Chief Constable of the BTP and other security officials as well as senior LUL and Tfl Directors also attended.

Have we seen the London bridge 3 CCTV? Yes

Dear member,

It has been brought to my attention that management are deliberately spreading misinformation in an attempt to undermine our ballot, specifically, that RMT has not had sight of the CCTV footage of the events giving rise to the disciplinary action against our three members.

This is completely untrue. I myself have seen the whole CCTV footage that has been used against the London Bride Three. Indeed, myself and Brian Woodhead, JNP Operations Director actually sat down and watched it together at Lee Cornell’s Directors’ Review Hearing.

Tube strike on as tube bosses threaten to forcibly displace staff and use scab workforce during strike

Dear RMT Members

Today myself and senior RMT reps, The TSSA  and LUL at met ACAS on the above dispute for the 3rd day this week. Despite the strong effort of our Negotiation team we were not able to make any progress on the key issues of the loss of 838 jobs, displacements  and Transfer arrangements, destaffing of control rooms, abuse of CSA2 grades at the expense of CSA1 and roster balance.

Prepare to picket - LUL offered no improvements at ACAS today

LUL Station Staffing & Safety Arrangements , Post Implementation of Fit for the Future. ACAS Update Thursday 5th January 2017

Dear RMT Members,

Today myself and senior RMT reps, The TSSA and LUL met at ACAS for the second day on the above dispute.

Despite my request yesterday to make a radically improved offer and a whole day of conciliation at ACAS no improvements were forthcoming.

LUL have stated they want to return tomorrow for talks, and we of course are available. If there are developments I will report back.

As overtime ban bites Tube bosses agree to additional station jobs at ACAS talks

Dear RMT members

Today myself and senior RMT Stations reps, alongside TSSA, attended talks at ACAS.

LUL have confirmed that they will put additional roles / jobs back into Underground stations. We have agreed, on that basis, to take part in 7 day review to identify exactly where those jobs will be allocated.

LUL confirmed that recruitment had started and they already have a starting pool of CSAs to offer additional jobs to.

Piccadilly Line dispute ACAS talks begin

Dear RMT members

Today myself with RMT Piccadilly line reps and TFC met face to face with the LUL JNP Director, Piccadilly line General Manager and ER team at ACAS.

We were able to lay out in detail all of the issues effecting our members that need fixing on the line. We explained the anger of our members and our determination to get justice

Management have agreed to respond to us in writing early next week.

Accordingly we will attend ACAS next week to consider the LUL postion.

I will be in touch with you all after that.

In solidarity,

Stations dispute ACAS update

RMT LUL stations Dispute

Dear RMT members

Yesterday afternoon and all day today myself and senior RMT Stations reps , alongside TSSA ,attended talks at ACAS with LUL.

We have in specific detail laid out to Directors of LUL all of our major concerns over the Job cuts /Ticket office closures /Lack of training /inequality of CSA2 rate undermining CSA1 rate for the job / impostion of Transfer policy and the sheer overall negative impact of working in LUL Station staff in Fit for the Future Stations.