Regional Organisers reports

Reports and updates from Regional organiser John Leach

The truth: RMT position on Night Tube drivers New Years' Eve working

NEW YEARS’ EVE WORKING 2016 - An update

Dear Colleagues It has been brought to my attention that Aslef has been making wildly inaccurate claims about this Union’s position on NYE payments for drivers. It saddens me to have to refute statements from another union, because I believe we should always strive to work together, but I cannot allow falsehoods to go unchallenged.

Regional Organiser's update: positive progress in Piccadilly Line dispute

Today myself and RMT line reps, along with aslef met with Directors and Piccadilly management face to face at Acas to hammer out improvements on key industrial issues effecting our members in this dispute. SPADS, Discipline, the Greivance proceedure , performance management and a commitment to better Industrial relations were discussed. We belive that it was a positive meeting and have agreed to track and review commitments given to the unions by LUL We have also agreed that all parties will sign up to statement to improve industrial relations on the line.

Common sense prevails as Glen Hart returns to his job

Dear RMT members

I am pleased to advise you that we have some good news with regards to Brother Glen Hart. I have received a letter from LUL that Gllen, myself and NEC member John Reid are happy with.

Shortly Glen will be able to return to his normal duties in his job at work.

This is great news for Glen, the union and all of us. Justice and common sense has prevailed.

Thanks and in solidarity

John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11

Piccadilly strike remains on due to 'out of control' management

Dear RMT members,

This afternoon I have received a letter from LUL on the above. After waiting 6 days for any contact.

We made it clear at ACAS last week that our three (with three aslef as well) 6 in total victimised members at Oakwood need to be exonerated before the strike called for tomorrow. They've had at least 6 days from acas and weeks before that as well with all other issues to be resolved.

This has not been offered. An appeal for one member which is a legal entitlement is all that is forthcoming, as well as a meeting for another case and an acas review.

RMT advice regarding FFTF contracts

To RMT Members

It has been brought to my attention that some RMT members in Station grades have been sent letters that involve some sort of offer / and or contract to sign under Fit For the future stations. We have been in discussion with management over this matter for some time, and we were waiting for the company to come back to us.

Additionally I have taken legal advice from RMTs lawyers on the matter of contracts under FFFS.

Further intensive talks as tube station strike nears

Re: Every job matters /Fit for the future stations. Further Update on talks held on Thursday 4th February

Dear RMT members

Today, all day We continued the face to face negotiations with LUL at Director level on the above dispute.

The talks were intensive, detailed and constructive.

Negotiations have not finished and are now adjourned until 0930 Friday 5th February.


John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11

Talks on London Underground stations dispute ongoing

To RMT members  (station grades)

Yesterday and today myself and senior RMT stations reps have met management to attempt to make progress on key outstanding issues on Fit for Future: Stations.

- Rosters ( weekend working)

- Short notice change of duties

- Revenue concerns around unlicensed staff servicing ticket machines

- SRT issues around duty allocation

The talks have been quite positive, but not finished and have now adjourned until 0930 tomorrow morning.

Further info will be provided in due course.


ACAS Update: New offers made, but serious issues remain

Dear RMT members

Today myself with senior RMT reps met LUL at acas for the second day in this week's talks

A new proposal for Train Operators ref Night tube working / reduced hours /pilot for 4 day 36 hour week / Freeze on weekends working was placed on the table.

Stations.... a lengthy discussion also took place on outstanding issues on FFFS. Some new proposals were made and we have made some progress on these matters, but serious issues on rosters remain.

We further discussed Service Control outstanding matters relating to work life balance.

Tube bosses told unless ACAS talks make good progress we will strike

Dear RMT members

Today myself with senior RMT reps met LUL with the other unions at acas .We have laid out our demands on all the issues effected and told the company that unless good progress is made the strikes will take place and further industrial action could be called. LUL listened to our presentations and the talks are adjourned until next week. When all parties have agreed to continue discussions. As soon as we have further updates I will report back.

In solidarity

John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser London Transport region 11