As overtime ban bites Tube bosses agree to additional station jobs at ACAS talks

Dear RMT members

Today myself and senior RMT Stations reps, alongside TSSA, attended talks at ACAS.

LUL have confirmed that they will put additional roles / jobs back into Underground stations. We have agreed, on that basis, to take part in 7 day review to identify exactly where those jobs will be allocated.

LUL confirmed that recruitment had started and they already have a starting pool of CSAs to offer additional jobs to.

We stated that the inequality of CSA2 and CSA1 is intolerable to us. That inequality must be addressed immediately. We will continue our negotiations on this matter

We demanded an immediate suspension of all moves except those agreed to.LUL confirmed no moves were planned for several weeks.

We will be in the review to see where the jobs will go all next week.

It is clear that our overtime ban and campaign for jobs and better station Staffing is working.

In solidarity

John Leach
Regional Organiser
London Transport Region

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