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TUBELINES STRIKE - Arnos Grove drivers refuse to work on grounds of safety

More than 50 drivers at Arnos Grove on the Piccadilly line refused to drive trains during the recent strike by Tubelines staff, despite a ferocious offensive by management to bully drivers onto trains. Local reps challenged management's claims that qualified Emergency Response Unit (ERU) staff were working normally and pointed out that LUL was refusing to provide our union with details of those alleged to be working and of their competencies and qualifications.

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RMT Serves Notice of Ballot for Action Against London Underground Job Cuts

Circular No IR/171/10 from RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise branches that after substantial and detailed preparations, notice has been served on London Underground of a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike over the company’s disastrous plans to cut jobs. Papers will be sent to home addresses shortly and the ballot is due to close on Wednesday 14 July 2010. I would be grateful if you could make your members aware of this situation and urge all LUL members to vote strongly in favour of action to fight these cuts.

Refusal to work because of serious and imminent danger (Emergency Response Unit)

From Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser

Dear colleagues,

I wrote to Gerry Duffy, Director of Employee Relations yesterday because of serious safety concerns that have led many drivers to refuse to work on safety grounds. Amongst the drivers concerns are the absence of Emergency Response Unit staff who cover the whole network and signalling technicians who cover the Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines.

Tube Lines strike is ON - Two important points for all Tube Lines and London Underground staff

1. Tube Lines has failed in its attempt to get the High Court to grant an injunction banning the Tube Lines Strike.

2. Click 'read more' to read RMT's response to London Underground circular erroneously claiming that the Emergency Response Unit will be available as normal.

Refusal To Work on Safety Grounds During Tube Lines Strike

Tube Lines are responsible for the Emergency Response Unit that covers the entire network and is fundamental to the safe running of London Underground. To ensure your own safety and that of others during the period of industrial action you are advised to approach your management prior to carrying out your duties for assurances that a safe system of work is in place.

London Underground's Response to RMT's Counter-Proposal to Job Cuts

This is London Underground's response to RMT's presentation to the Company Council outlining our objections and our alternatives to the company's job-cutting plan (view it here). Despite the company refusing to publish our presentation on its Intranet, we are happy to publish its response on our website, as we trust readers to draw their own conclusions ...

RMT highlighted their concerns with the implications they believed would follow the proposed reduction in Station Staff

Staffing Cuts “Dangerous” To Stations Serving Arsenal Football Ground

Tube union RMT today exposed the safety dangers of cutting station staff serving one of London's largest regular crowd venues – Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

RMT have revealed that London Underground plan to almost halve staffing numbers at stations that come under enormous pressure when matches and events are being held at the Emirates. The stations affected are Arsenal, Finsbury Park, Caledonian Road and Holloway Road - all on the Piccadilly line.

London Underground: Male/Female Passenger Percentages

RMT has obtained the following statistics showing how what proportion of London Underground's passengers are male and female:

  • Commuters (59.7%): 59.14 % male / 40.86% female
  • Leisure (35.8%): 54.36% male / 45.64% female
  • Tourists (04.5%): 56.44% male / 43.56% female
  • Total (100%): 57.31% male / 42.69% female

These figures show that significantly more men travel on London Underground than women, which reflects a continuing gender division and inequality in our society.

Ballot To 'Staff Our Stations' To Be Held

Save Our StationsBallot papers over the issues of massive job cuts and the resultant detrimental effects they will have on your working conditions and safety will be sent out shortly.

Your union cannot accept that you should pay with your job and safety for management’s financial incompetence. If savings need to be made they can come from the 200 TFL managers who earn more than £100,000 a year. We will not sit idly by whilst your safety is compromised.