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Stop the Cuts - It's Time to Fight or Die

The cat is out of the bag. LUL have told the unions bluntly that they intend to slash as many as 800 operational jobs across the combine. Recent leaked documents have shown that these cuts are merely the tip of an iceberg which includes sub-surface stations having no more than minimum staff numbers, even during special events, and open section stations having no staff at all. This is a Company Plan with knobs on.

Finsbury Park Branch Monthly News - March 2010

Read the March 2010 edition of Finsbury Park Monthly News by clicking on the attachment below.

In this edition:

1. Stop the cuts - it's time to fight or die. Editorial explains the truth behind LUL's latest jobs massacre and what we have to do to stop them.

2. All grades to defeat Stations job cuts. A plea to members of all grades to come together and fight for our futures.

Report: London Underground Company Council, 25 March 2010

London Underground held a special meeting of its Comapny Council yesterday to discuss management's job-cutting plans. Steve Hedley, Janine Booth and Roy Carey attended on behalf of RMT. Here is a report of the discussions ...


RMT complained that there had been no meaningful consultation with the unions so far. We could have no faith in the 'consultation' when managers are already talking to staff about the changes as though they are definitely going to happen. TSSA said that they did not accept the Terms of Reference set out by management. ASLEF agreed.

Three Thousand, Four Hundred And Eighty Six Reasons To Have Fully Staffed Ticket Offices

TfL have finally listed ticket fares on their website.

There are 3,486 variations.

If London Underground has it's way, customers will be left to figure out how much money they need to put on their Oyster Cards at ticket machines.

World class service from a world class ticket machine? Not when there are no staff to refill the machine there isn't.

Deadline Set For Tube Strike Ballot As Union Submits Dossier Of Unstaffed Tube Stations

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has set a deadline of 5pm on Thursday 25th March 2010 for London Underground to withdraw the threat of axing 800 staff and closing ticket offices or the union will declare a dispute and ballot for strike action and action short of a strike.

RMT also warned today that London Underground are already running stations unstaffed or “babysat” with just one member of staff.

Does the Economic Crisis Mean that Employers "Have To" Cut Jobs?

Both London Underground and Tube Lines - and, no doubt, many other companies - will tell us that they "have to" cut jobs because of the economic crisis. But a look at London Underground's history shows that this is not just untrue - it is the opposite of the truth.

London Underground began in 1863, when private companies starting opening lines. By the 1920s, the Underground had expanded into a web of lines beneath London, run by several different private companies.

RMT Pledges All Out Fight Over TfL and Tube Lines Cuts

TUBE UNION RMT today pledged an all out fight over the threat to safety, jobs and working conditions from cuts plans announced by Transport for London and expected attacks being worked up by contractor Tube Lines as they look to slash £1.3 billion from the tube upgrade budget.

RMT's executive passed a motion last night condemning the cynical attempt by TfL to smuggle out their threat to axe 800 jobs in ticket offices and on platforms.

Resolution: New LUL Grievance Procedure

The following resolution, submitted by Hammersmith & City and Jubilee & East London Line branches, was carried at the March meeting of the Regional Council.

This Regional Council opposes the decision made by the General Grades Committee to accept the new LUL Grievance Procedure.

This was done without consultation with either local representatives or branches.

We cannot understand why this matter was hurried through the GGC when the implementation date was 1st April 2010.

LU Calls In 'Forensic Accountants' On Tube Lines Payments To Shareholders

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded that London Mayor Boris Johnson take “urgent and decisive” action to terminate the Tube Lines contract on London Underground as it emerged that LU are calling in forensic accountants to “examine massive and secretive payments to Tube Lines’ shareholders” and after the company were branded as “ailing and failing” by TfL.