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'Staff Our Stations': campaign at Liverpool Street

Around 15 RMT members and supporters dished out hundreds of leaflets to Liverpool Street passengers on Friday lunchtime, explaining London Underground's plans to cut staff and ticket office service at their station.

All 500 leaflets were taken by passengers, many eager to read about the threat and support our campaign against it, and many of whom signed our petition:

Scandal Of Tube Bosses On Huge Salaries Who Want To Slash Station Staff

A study by RMT of Transport for London’s latest accounts reveals that the number of managers earning between £70,000 and £99,000 had more than doubled to nearly 800 – which matches the number of front-line station staff that Tube bosses want to axe.

EVER MORE London Tube bosses are being paid telephone-number salaries while hundreds of front-line staff face the axe, the RMT union charges today.

Non-payment of London Underground Pay Rise

Today is London Underground pay day, and staff have been shocked to discover that their pay does include the 4.2% rise that should have applied from 1 April. After a long-running dispute last year, the pay deal was agreed in December, so London Underground has had plenty of time to arrange for the year 2 rise to be paid on time.

RMT suggests that staff may wish to submit a grievance, and recommends the following wording ...

Grievance to Employing Manager

Resolution: London Underground industrial action ballot

This resolution, submitted by the Regional Council Executive, was carried unanimously by the April meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council is very frustrated by the lack of progress in carrying out the union's decision to ballot our members for industrial action to stop London Underground's plan to slash 800 jobs.

We understand the problems caused by the anti-union laws. However, we believe that the union can and must, as a matter of urgency, prepare and carry out this ballot.

We remind our national officers that 800 jobs are at stake.

Campaigning Against Job Cuts

bannerA dozen RMT reps and activists leafleted passengers coming in and out of Bank station yesterday, Monday 12 April. They dished out hundreds of leaflets and invited people to sign RMT's petition against the job cuts. After just an hour, several sheets of the petition were full of names.

RMT will be appearing outside various stations over the coming weeks, giving out leaflets and collecting signatures. Keep checking back to this website for dates and details - and join us if you can!

London Underground's Grievance Procedure

If management mistreat you, you have the right to complain! Here is LUL's Grievance Procedure - the text is below, and it is attached as a PDF file. Make sure you get the help and support of a union rep throughout the process.


LU Employee Relations

1st April 2010

Individual Grievance Procedure

London Underground - Individual Grievance Procedure
Issue date: [1st April 2010]
Effective: [1st April 2010]

This supersedes any previous version


Section A
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Scope

Staff Our Stations - Strike Ballot Called

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that they are preparing for a ballot of members for strike action and action short of a strike after London Underground failed to withdraw the threat of axing 800 staff.

“RMT has made it clear that we will not sit idly by while the Mayor, his transport officials and Tube Line’s drive down tube staffing levels to dangerously low levels. We gave LU and Tube Lines an opportunity to pull back from these cuts but they have decided to plough on leaving us with no option but to organise ballots.”

First They Came ...

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a PDF.

First they came for the admin staff, and I did not take action because I am not admin staff

Then they came for the engineers, and I did not take action because I am not an engineer

Then they came for the station staff, and I did not take action because I do not work on stations

Then they came for service control, and I did not take action because I do not work in service control

Then they came for the revenue staff, and I did not take action because I am not an RCI

All Grades to Defeat Stations Job Cuts

Will all grades come together to fight job cuts on stations? It should not be seen as ‘will drivers support the station staff?’ but ‘will we support each other’? That’s the true meaning of solidarity: our own interests are best protected when we stand together. In order to achieve this a 'General Strike' of all grades should be put to the membership across the combine under a single heading of ‘job losses (particularly in operational grades) equals an unsafe tube’.