Cab security upgrade delayed

Driver’s Cab Security System

  • Please download, print and distribute the attached flyer in your depot.

RMT Trains Health and Safety Council members today met with LU management and LU engineers, in the latest of a series of meetings to discuss the driver’s cab security system.

Recent meetings have focused on the timings around drivers over-riding unauthorised access to the driver’s cab. Consideration also has to be given to access in an emergency should the driver become incapacitated.

Roll out of the system was supposed to begin this month on the Waterloo and City Line. Unfortunately this has now been put back to January 2020. More disappointingly, the next line to be fitted, the Central Line, will not start installation until April 2020. We were also informed that installation of the system will be limited to a cab per night. This puts completion of the Central Line at somewhere around July 2020. This puts the project a full six months behind schedule.

LU now advise us that combine wide completion of the security system will be February 2021. However, these target dates do seem to be very flexible.

Another area of contention is that LU now appears to be distancing themselves from earlier commitments to deliver briefings on the new equipment using instructor operators. LU is claiming that local train managers will now be utilised for this purpose. The RMT will be pushing to ensure that briefings are properly delivered and audited. We will not be accepting a hand-out at book on!

A further concern we have raised is the DISI entry for when this lock becomes defective. It was previously agreed that a defective lock would be withdrawn from service. At today’s meeting LU were less clear on this and said no decision had yet been made. Further updates will be provided accordingly.