Excessive track noise ballot: time is running out to vote YES
Danger noise hazard sign
  • Please download the attached poster and display it in your depot on the Jubilee, Central, Northern and Victoria Lines.

Ballot papers have arrived. All members should vote YES for action short of strike, now. Time is running out; the ballot closes on September 10th so if you haven’t already posted your ballot paper please do it today.

The RMT have been forced to escalate this action due to LU offering insufficient mitigation to the problem.

We welcome that they have acknowledged their error in laying this track and also their decision to commit to ripping it all up.

Unfortunately the only short term mitigation against this ear splitting, anxiety inducing noise is drivers being forced to wear additional PPE. LU are refusing to even consider TSRs.

Pandrol Vanguard in numbers

36 the number of locations with PV Track.
6727 the number of metres of PV Track laid in our tunnels.
5 the amount of metres of PV Track LU would be able to rip up per night with their current qualified personnel.
5 the number of years it would take LU to rip up all PV Track.

Have your say: time is running out! The closing date for the ballot is Tuesday the 10th of September 2019. 

It is essential that every member votes YES for action short as we need to reach the legal threshold for this ballot to be valid. Remember; not voting is a no vote, so vote YES today!


Upfront September 2 2019, Poster 3 by RMT London Calling on Scribd