Hammersmith Control Centre pay & conditions offer accepted


Following extensive negotiations with the Company regarding the new Hammersmith Control Room, a final position has been received from LUL. The Lead Officer has consulted our Service Control Functional Council Representatives and affected members and the National Executive Committee has noted the recommendation on file and taken the decision to inform London Underground of our acceptance of the offer.

The agreement reached for Hammersmith SCC - SCL2 Competence & Pay Progression is as below and is in addition to agreements already secured in October 2016.

Guaranteed minimum pay points: Subject to individual commitment to developing to SCL2 Controller activity competence across all line at Hammersmith:-

  • Four guaranteed minimum pay points created within the existing Pay Band
  • Movement to each pay point determined by achieving prescribed competence
  • Movement beyond each pay point continues to be achievable by demonstrating additional performance
  • Similar progression will exist for Service Managers who achieve SCL2 (Line Controller) CBTC/Cross-line competence and “Step Down” under the PCSA agreement
  • Similar progression will exist for Service Controller Level 1 who hold SCL2 (Line Controller) CBTC/Cross-line competence and “Step Up” under the PCSA agreement
  • Minimum pay thresholds are based on 25%, 55% and 85% of the salary range
  • Pay progression will have no impact on existing entitlement to Higher Grade working where that already applies
  • Subject to there being no additional training & development, the company will apply the equivalent threshold point for starting salary should Hammersmith SCL1s be successful in securing a permanent SCL2 position at Hammersmith

The above will apply also to both transferring and new starters to Hammersmith. This provides scope for others within Service Control, should they wish, to transfer to and take advantage of enhanced pay progression for multiple line SCL2 Controller competence.

Guarantee for single line operations: Individuals at SCL2 level transferring to Hammersmith who wish to only work their current line will be able to do so and remain at Hammersmith for a period of at least 5 years (until May 2023). This guarantee will be reviewed at that point and will be extended in 2 year blocks if possible. If not, consultation will take place on appropriate transfer arrangements to provide safe and reasonable solutions for those individuals who are still only willing to work a single line.