Industrial action called in 'Train Prep' dispute


That we note the decision of the LU Fleet Branch meeting and their concerns around both training candidates and trainers being forced to undertake training to do the before; resulting in our loyal members refusing to break a strike and being locked out of work without any pay by the company.

Our Fleet Members have delivered a massive mandate for strike action and actions short of a strike; and we are today starting the enactment of that mandate and await further requests for industrial action from our LU Fleet Branch.

Accordingly; we instruct all affected Fleet members:

  • Not to take part in any training for tasks that are not part of your substantive role, or training of staff to do tasks that are not their substantive role; from 00:01 on Thursday 2nd May 2019 until further notice.
  • We further instruct all affected members to report any attempts by the company to coerce or bully staff into any such training to report it immediately to their rep and their branch.

We remain open for talks with the company.

Members to be advised by email and text.

LU Fleet Branch and the London Transport regional Council to be advised.