Latest from Company Council Sub Group (CCSG) Talks

Transfer & Promotion (T&P)

Following months of talks in which RMT has out the issue of avoiding multiole displacements following FftF, LU has finally issued a revised proposla that guarantees no-one will be displaced sideways. What this means is that anyone covering down one grade can only be displaced into their permanent substantive position. This removes the threat, contained in all of LU's T&P proposals until now, that members could be dislaced up to five times as LU shuffled us about to get rid of cover downs and over establishment positions.

Another significant step forward has been made regarding promotion. LU had wanted to establish their right to chose who to promote (from the pool of those who have passed the relevent asessments) based on how many cover downs or OE staff could be resolved as a result of backfilling the promoted person. They have now agreed that the main agreement will continue to apply. The main agreement sets out seniority as the criteria for establishing in which order promotional moves can be made. RMT will not accept a position where management can pick and chose who to promote with no transparency and no open criteria.

These chamges in LU's position represent a significant step forward in the T&P negotiations but it leaves some important issues still to resolve.

  • We have some members covering down more than one grade. LU still wants to be able to move these membres into a higher cover down grade before they get their substantive positions.
  • RMT has continually demanded that staff preferences are taken into account when allocating substantive roles. At present, only preferences that allow LU to move someone outside of their 30 min guarantee have any effect. Within the 30 mins the company issues displacements soley to facilitate the biggest number of reductions in covering down and/or over establishment working. This means that one member can be forced to take a position they don't want when someone else would welcome the move.


Job Numbers

Less encouraging news on job numbers.

LU has carried out their own review of rosters and guess what! After looking at all those rosters where a small number of additional staff are needed and all those where, believe it or not, there are too many staff - we have exactly the right number of staff!

So a few rosters get an additional line and a few lose a line.

This is ridiculous. We now need local reps to provide SFC reps with specific rosters that need additional staff. This could be where stations are closing regularly, where overtime is the only way of remaining open, where non Sect 12 stations are being left unstaffed or where a reasonable work/life balance cannot be achieved because of short staffing.

Please talk to your local rep about problems in your area. L1 reps - please identify the biggest problems in your area and email details to me (


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