Northfields depot members to be balloted over disproportionate disciplinary action

I recently received the following resolution from our LU Fleet Branch:
“Unjustified disciplinary action was taken against members at Northfields Depot after a shunting incident where a signal was passed at danger.
We have a situation where staff are being disciplined and charged with gross misconduct. We believe this should have been dealt with as a SPAD as it is on the rest of LUL. We have requested an emergency ad hoc level 2 to discuss this with management as we believe this to be wholly disproportionate to the actual incident. This has been refused after two requests. Management saying that our concerns should be raised with the chair of the disciplinary board.
We take this as a breakdown in industrial relations. Management simply feels that they can take our members to disciplinary and we will stand idly back. Our members are disgusted at the way their colleagues are being treated and fully support their colleagues on this matter.
We therefore ask the NEC to ballot our members at Northfields for both strike action and action short of a strike immediately.”
I then received a report from our Lead Officer with regards to this matter, outlining the concerns of our members and indicating that an avoidance of disputes meeting was likely to take place after the disciplinary cases had been heard.
The above has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has instructed me to prepare a ballot for industrial action of the members affected. This is currently being arranged and I await further developments, after which I will keep you advised.