Regional Organiser recommends more industrial action over tube cuts

Every Job Matters /Fit for future update from RMT Regional Organiser John Leach

Dear members,

Today I met LUL with senior stations reps to discuss the above. We all know that we have been in months of talks, there have been strikes and the proposal Fit for Future: Stations has been linked to all members pay for 2015 and beyond.

There are a number of critical outstanding issues of principal:

  1. There is no agreed new framework agreement
  2. The proposed rosters do not comply with current agreements or assurances given in negotiations re comparable weekends off
  3. LUL seek to recruit to all grades from external ,in breach of agreements.  Denying promotion and career prospects for thousands of tube staff and RMT members
  4. LUL will not guarantee protection of earnings as per main agreement
  5. Vacancies on rosters need to be guaranteed to be filled

Today I requested LUL put back the implementation of rosters on the three station cover groups to enable proper negotiation to be completed both on the required framework agreement and rosters. Further, we demanded that our hard won agreements be honoured and all protections for members be afforded.

I have to report back that the management refused all of the above and further have told me that they will impose these rosters and a new framework agreement, without our agreement on the 7th February.

Accordingly I am reporting this to the RMT's General Secretary and National Executive committee recommending that we call further industrial action to defend our rights at work and our hard won agreements .

Standby for further announcements.


John Leach
RMT Regional Organiser
London Transport region 11