Report: RMT London Busworkers' Meeting 20 April 2009

busLondon busworkers met at the Bulstrode public house in Hounslow on Monday 20th April 09. The meeting was a very lively affair with many important topics being discussed. There was a debate on the proposed RMT London Busworkers' Charter. The charter contains the aspirations and objectives of London's RMT busworkers and include the demand for the re-nationalisation of the London Bus network, recognition of RMT on the London bus network, pay parity with Tube drivers (currently £40,073), terms and conditions parity with underground workers and joining the TfL pension. Other points include the provision of toilet facilities at every terminus and turning point, free staff gyms at garages, decent canteen provision at all garages, and for staff passes to be valid on all National Rail services.

Nominations for positions on the Busworkers Committee were opened at the meeting and the following positions for RMT bus members to nominate themselves or other members:

  1. Secretary
  2. Vice Secretary
  3. Chair
  4. Vice Chair
  5. Membership/Recruitment Organiser
  6. Propaganda Co-ordinator
  7. Learning Organiser.

A description of these roles will be posted on this website within the next few days.

It was decided at the meeting that work should progress on an advisory booklet to help bus drivers deal with their day to day workplace issues.

Olly New, a member of the RMT Executive, was the guest speaker. He gave an interesting and informative talk and afterwards took part in a general discussion on the various issues that affect our membership.

The next meeting, at which the Busworkers Committee members will be elected, will take place at Bulstrode public house, Lampton Road, Hounslow
between 4 - 6pm. The pub is situated next to Hounslow Central station on the Piccadilly line.