RMT goes into dispute over 'Transformation' cuts plan

Dear Branches, Region & Reps,

Please find attached above a copy of the dispute letter sent today to Jean Cockerill HR Director informing the company we are now in dispute over their failing to consult/negotiate properly over Transformations job cuts etc, and that we have withdrawn from the process and withdrawn our reps.

The second attachment is the letter to all affected members advising them of the same; but with a line added advising them to still take a rep in if they are instructed to attend any one-to-one type meetings as individual members of staff with management.

Mass Meeting!

Please also find details of the Mass Meeting of LU members with the GS, SAGS, President, NEC and Lead Officer in attendance to discuss:-

1. RMT 2019 Pay Submission and progress of talks with the company

2. Transformations attacks on jobs and agreements affecting Transplant, Track Access Control, Power Control, Service Control, LUCC, Skills Development, Waste, Pumps, Stations Buildings & Civils and Signals Incidents

3. Fleet Extended Train Preparation

The Mahatma Gandhi Hall at the Indian YMCA has been booked from 6pm on Wednesday 24th April for this meeting to take place.

Please make every effort to attend & do your utmost to get your Members to come!


Andy Littlechild,
LT Region