RMT hopeful of successful conclusion to Drivers' Dispute

Post-agreement Joint Initiatives Drivers’ Dispute

You will be aware that the RMT entered into dispute with LUL over their failure to engage in meaningful talks about a number of initiatives arising from the 2015 wage agreement. The post-agreement joint initiatives were key to settling the dispute and it is important to the RMT that this protracted process is brought to a satisfactory and timely conclusion.
A sub-group of Company Council (CCSG) was set up last year and met regularly to oversee the introduction of Night Tube; this same group then started work on the four day week (4DW) trial on the Jubilee line which recently concluded. This trial involved the extension of the working day to 10 hours, including a 30 minute unpaid meal break. The CCSG also started to look at ways to allow pro-rata working to enable drivers to better manage their work-life balance; a reduction in weekend working; the transfer of licences; and promotional opportunities in other grades within LUL.

As a result of entering into dispute LUL has met twice with this Union under the auspices of ACAS, the last meeting was held on Thursday 7th September. Aslef were also present for part of the meeting before walking out. It was a productive meeting where LUL managers undertook to meet 5 times a fortnight over the coming months in order to bring in agreed measures by January of 2018.

The following items were discussed:

  • Firstly the 4DW trial will be jointly assessed by LUL and the RMT. Hard and soft measures will be used to gauge not just whether the 4DW system is cost effective, but also if it is popular. A questionnaire has been drawn up for ALL drivers (both 4DW and 5DW) on the Jubilee line which will be issued within the next couple of weeks.
  • We have an assurance that the proportion of weekend working will not be increased and a commitment to work with the RMT to find new ways to resource weekend working. This may include the option of 3 or 4 day part time rosters for drivers.
  • LUL agree that a dedicated resource is required to assist with drivers seeking to reduce their hours and get paid on a pro-rata basis. They will provide this and also enable drivers to work different numbers of days in different weeks. This will be an extension of the current job-sharing procedure which is currently being under-utilised. LUL has moved away from the idea of placing senior drivers in the pool to allow reduced hours working, and they have also agreed to keep the shifts at an average 7h 12m so that extra annual leave days can be accrued.
  • Senior managers have promised to be transparent in the way they are approaching other train operating companies to discuss the transfer of licences with LUL drivers. A meeting has been offered next week to discuss this matter. They also gave an assurance that they will provide support for drivers who wish to pursue a career development in other areas of the business.

Further updates will be provided as the meetings progress, but at the moment we have reasonable grounds to hope for a successful conclusion to the talks.

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