RMT Update on proposed Night Tube changes
  • RMT is the majority Night Tube drivers' union. Please display this important update in your Night Tube depot.

June 3rd 2020

Some things are so important that drivers just want their reps to put inter-Union rivalry to one side and to work together to obtain the best outcome; and in uncertain times like these it is necessary to do just that. As we said in our first briefing, we want to work with Aslef in achieving job security for NT drivers. It is their choice to issue leaflets denigrating the RMT and our members, our concern is to get the best for you.

Following the meeting last week, trains management put out a notice talking about “displacements” from NT which caused some anxiety for drivers. At a meeting held on June 3rd we were finally able to get some of the assurances we wanted for NT drivers.

  • Nobody will be forced to go full-time, if you’re happy as NT you needn’t worry.
  • The reduction in establishment across all lines of 34 positions is temporary, and LUL fully intend to resume the same level of service when NT restarts next year.
  • The 34 most senior NT drivers who have applied to work fulltime will be selected and put into position in line with current agreements including TOPRA.
  • Where possible these drivers will remain on their own lines and depots; a small number of drivers who have only nominated a different line may need to wait until crossline training resumes.
  • If you have seniority and have applied to go full time but are currently shielding or furloughed, you will be called to a full-time position after you return. Your seniority will be “ring fenced” so you don’t lose out.
  • Those who aren’t selected will continue the secondment until at least August 8th and possibly longer.
  • Detailed talks of who is selected and where you’ll be going will take place at the Movements Committee as a matter of urgency.

We’d like to claim that it was a massive victory for our negotiating skills that this satisfactory outcome was achieved, but in fact Trains Management are as eager as we are to treat drivers fairly during this period of transition. Many years of tough negotiations have provided us with the agreements and the frameworks to protect our members during turbulent times - and having the majority of NT drivers in the RMT means your reps speak with authority.

If you have any queries please contact your local reps or call one of the TFC reps listed below.