Solidarity sees major progress in Transplant Engineer pay parity dispute


Further to my previous Circular (IR/65/17, 15th February 2017), the National Executive Committee considered a report from the Lead Officer advising that substantial progress has been made in our discussions held to try to resolve this dispute and having consulted with our Reps, has decided to suspend all industrial action in this dispute. Members have been instructed to work normally. In addition the current ballot of Operational Manager members, which was due to close next week, has also been cancelled.

The details of the agreement are as follows:-

  1. All current industrial action will be suspended and no further industrial action will be taken unless there is a failure to reach agreement in relation to all of the items set out below.
  2. An initial salary increase of 3.15% will be made to the relevant employees on the first available pay date following the completion of items (3) and (4) below. This increase will be cost neutral and will be funded by the completion of item (3) below.
  3. The following elements of the Draft ETO Regrading Initiative will be implemented with immediate effect:

Section 3: Crewing of Trains Section

Section 4: Assistant Train Operators (Assists)

Section 6: Plant Link

Section 8: Drinks Machine

  1. A local level Working Group will examine the practice of how meal breaks are taken and the reciprocal arrangement for staff leaving at the end of their shift. An agreed process mirroring existing methods of working will be drafted and implemented by the end of February 2017. In the event that this is not achieved then an Officer Level Meeting will take place at the first mutually agreeable date
  2. A further salary increase of 3.15% will be paid on the first available pay date following the successful implementation of the following efficiencies as set out in the Draft ETO Regrading Initiative. This is anticipated to be by the end of May 2017 and will not be unreasonably delayed by either party.

Section 7: Completion of Utilisation of Paid Hours work by April 2017

Section 2: Rosters and their Implementation Dates to be agreed as per the 2010.  Roster Agreement for Day and Night Link Driver by May 2017. The number of required positions will be decided following the Transplant Reorganisation and following 6.1.1.of the Main Framework Agreement

For the avoidance of doubt payments under this section will not be backdated

  1. The review of the individual managers salary for 'pay compression' will be completed by May 2017, and any recommendations implemented
  2. Following successful implementation of the above, both ASLEF and RMT will confirm that this dispute is resolved and undertake not to raise any further dispute in relation to the pay or working arrangements for Transplant employees during the course of the current pay deal.

It should be noted that we will remain in dispute with the company until such time as this agreement is successfully implemented.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our members who stood firm in solidarity throughout this dispute. It is down to their unity and determination that this major progress has been achieved.