Thales 'calculation of holiday pay' offer accepted



Following discussions, a proposal to implement a new approach to Holiday Pay with effect from 1st April 2019 across Thales UK, applying to employees in job family 7 in the GTS Collective Bargaining Group, has been received from the Company and is as follows:-


·        Employees who get paid for on call, overtime and shift working will receive a pay uplift to their statutory annual leave entitlement (20 days) on a quarterly basis. The uplift will be calculated based on each individual's claim history over the 3 month period preceding the payment. Full details of the calculation can be found in the appendix.


·        The new holiday pay approach will replace the existing Annual Leave Premium (ALP) arrangement for employees in job family 7 who are part of the GTS Collective Bargaining Group; resulting in a more favourable arrangement for these employees.


·        The implementation of holiday pay will be backdated by 18 months. This means that an extra 18 months' worth of payments will be calculated for each employee covering the period from 1st October 2017 to 1st June 2019 and paid as one lump sum based on each employee's actual claim history. The intention is to make this payment in August 2019 payroll. Any ALP payments already made during their period will be offset against this lump sum.


If the above is accepted before the end of July; this will enable Thales to meet the August payroll cut-off date and pay the lump sum payment in August payroll followed by the first holiday pay payment in October payroll, for the period July - September.


Having noted the Lead Officer's report advising that Reps and affected members wish to accept the offer the National Executive Committee has congratulated members, Reps and the Lead Officer for securing this great offer and taken the decision to inform the Company of our acceptance of the offer.


Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary