Time is running out - return your ballot paper

14th June 2022

To all RMT London Underground members. 

Do not waste your vote - make sure you return your ballot paper - vote 'yes' to both questions. 


Dear Colleagues,


You should now have received and returned your ballot paper for the above which was posted to you on Monday 25th May 2022. It is vital that we achieve the highest possible turnout and the highest possible vote saying YES to send a clear message to LUL that this dispute is not resolved as LUL has repeatedly failed to provide us with the three following simple demands:-

  • That there will be no changes to your current pension arrangements
  • That there will be no reduction in the existing headcount at LUL
  • That there will be no changes to your existing terms and conditions of employment


Since the Trade Union Act 2016, where the government made the anti-trade union laws even more restrictive, all ballots have to reach two important thresholds in order for them to be valid.

  • At least 50% of all eligible members must vote.
  • At least 40% of all those eligible to vote must vote Yes.  

As a result of these draconian restrictions every single vote counts. A simple majority is no longer enough so you cannot rely on other colleagues to get the vote over the line.

If you have not yet returned your voting paper, then please do so as a matter of urgency as the ballot closes on Thursday 23rd June 2022. If you have not yet received your voting paper, then please contact the freephone helpline immediately on 0800 376 3706 or email info@rmt.org.uk to receive a replacement ballot paper.

Important to note: The Scrutineer for RMT Ballots and Elections is “CES” (Civica Election Services). Letters from CES will also have the RMT logo - they are not Junk Mail and should be opened.

Vote yes for strike action and action short of a strike - return your ballot paper. 

I will keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary