Tube bosses use TUPE rules to dodge paying increase to workers


The following resolution was recently received from LU Engineering Branch:-

“Our Branch is appalled that our members that TUPE’d over from UKPN have not had the benefit of the first year of the LUL pay deal which was higher than the last year of the UKPN. Despite striking for an increase in pay with the rest of our members, LUL have hidden behind the TUPE laws to pay these members of staff an inferior pay offer. However, whilst our Branch recognises that TUPE protects workers, it is our belief that this pay is ‘additional’ to their existing pay agreements and therefore they should be paid both their TUPE protected pay award and the negotiated LUL pay settlement. 

In this agreement, LUL have made it clear that this payment is for ALL staff and made no exception for those that came across from UKPN.

We therefore request that the NEC seek legal advice and pursue a claim against LUL for the illegal deduction of wages that has occurred for our members.”

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to seek a report from the Lead Officer and also to seek legal advice as regards whether this represents an illegal deduction of wages.