RMT members from LUL &FGW to demo at start of strike action. July 8 1830 Paddington Stn

RMT members from both LUL and FGW will be holding a rally at Paddington Station at the start of their respective strikes.
LUL have set out their stall to impose change on the workers and have been given the clearest response from the RMT.
92% of members voted for taking industrial action.

Equally impressive has been the response from our comrades on FGW who in a dispute over similar issues have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes.

Members of the RMT union have voted in favour of strike action over First Great Western's threat to jobs and safety from the introduction of the new Hitachi Inter-City trains.

A total of 80 per cent of members voted in favour of such action after failing to gain assurances on a number of issues.

These included keeping a safety competent guard on every train, retaining buffet car facilities on every train and no job losses.

Please try to attend this demo.
Knowing both branches as I do, it's likely to be a very lively affair.