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The  branch for the increasing number of London taxi workers who are joining RMT. You can read the branch's blog here, and the RMT Heathrow Taxis blog here.

RMT London Calling Newsletter June 2013

In this edition of RMT London Calling are stories on:

  • We Will Resist Job Cuts - Fight For A Fully Funded Publicly Owned Underground
  • Defend Clara Osagiede
  • Mobile Supervisors and ICSAs Signal the Start of Post-Olympic Cuts - We Can and Will Defend Pay, Conditions & Job Security
  • Statement from RMT LT Region on Arson Attack against Islamic centre.
  • Lobby Against Taxi Deregulation
  • Tubelines Pension Dispute Continues
  • Save Whitechapel Ticket Office
  • Pride 2013
  • NSSN Conference

TAXIS Lobby Of Parliament

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

The Law Commission is currently reviewing all legislation relating to taxi and private hire vehicles. Whilst this review, which officials claim is designed to simplify the legislation, could potentially deregulate the industry and as such is a threat to members’ livelihoods, it also presents us with a number of opportunities.

The interim statement of the Law Commission does not commit to legally defining plying for hire, however, it does acknowledge that a two-tier system must remain in place.

RMT London Taxi Driver Branch Sets Out Demands On Law Commission Review

We note the interim statement from the Law Commission on its consideration of taxi and private hire

We welcome the indication that the Commission will recommend retaining the distinction between taxis and
private hire vehicles (PHVs). We are concerned, however, that the replacement of the concept of ‘plying for hire’ with the concept of ‘pre-booking’ may dilute this distinction and allow private hire vehicles to encroach on taxi drivers’ work. (paragraph 5)

RMT Demands Free Travel For Licensed Taxi Drivers

We note the information on file regarding free and reduced travel facilities for employees of TfL and its subsidiaries and franchisees.

We note that we still need to collate information on these facilities for employees of contractors, as instructed in our previous decisions, and instruct the General Secretary to obtain this.

We note that the original resolution on this issue called for the provision of free travel facilities for licensed taxi drivers, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this demand is tabled to the relevant body.

RMT To Step Up Campaign For London Taxi Scrappage Scheme

We note the work done to set up our campaign for a scrappage scheme for London taxis.

We resolve to step up this campaign, and therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. produce a window sticker for display in taxis promoting this campaign
  2. liaise with our London Taxi Drivers’ branch to hold a protest
  3. ask members to lobby their MPs to support our Parliamentary group’s Early Day Motion on this issue
  4. pursue appropriate organisations that campaign on environmental and/or public
    transport issues, asking for their support for this demand

Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council October 2012

Each month our Executive Council Member Janine Booth reports to the Regional Council. This report as a synopsis and the full 'EC decisions' can be read here.

We've added some links to the report to explain some of the topics covered in more detail.

Remember branch meetings and the regional meeting are open to all members - this is where you can get involved and make a change in your union.

EC Report


London Taxi Driver's Branch Demands Assurances, Protections & Investigation Following Recall Of TX4 Models

As the London Cab Trade attempts to recover from the economic disaster of the Olympics caused by the scaremongering publicity from TfL - since admitted and regretted by the Mayor of London - and the decision by TfL to exclude us from the Games lane, we were again dismayed when TfL suspended the licences of over 300 new Taxi’s following a steering fault that could have endangered the lives of Driver and passenger alike.

The RMT therefore demand the following:

  • The IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE 15 YEAR RULE to ensure that those owners can continue to work so that the effect of the TX4 ‘interruption to the supply chain’ is mitigated and that the Cab fleet can cope with demand coming up to the Peak period.