London Taxi Drivers

The  branch for the increasing number of London taxi workers who are joining RMT. You can read the branch's blog here, and the RMT Heathrow Taxis blog here.

London Taxi Driver's Branch Demands Assurances, Protections & Investigation Following Recall Of TX4 Models

As the London Cab Trade attempts to recover from the economic disaster of the Olympics caused by the scaremongering publicity from TfL - since admitted and regretted by the Mayor of London - and the decision by TfL to exclude us from the Games lane, we were again dismayed when TfL suspended the licences of over 300 new Taxi’s following a steering fault that could have endangered the lives of Driver and passenger alike.

The RMT therefore demand the following:

  • The IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE 15 YEAR RULE to ensure that those owners can continue to work so that the effect of the TX4 ‘interruption to the supply chain’ is mitigated and that the Cab fleet can cope with demand coming up to the Peak period.

RMT To Provide Support To Taxi Members Harassed Over Display Of 'Identifier Tags' And To Assist London Taxi Driver Branch In Recruitment Plan

We note the meeting concerning this issue held on 20 September, and instruct the General Secretary to provide legal support to those taxi driver members who experience harassment arising from the display of identifier tags.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure that our London Taxi Drivers’ branch is provided with support and resources for its forthcoming recruitment campaign, which will include coverage of RMT’s campaigning work and support for suburban (‘yellow badge’) taxi drivers and well as green badge drivers.

RMT Deplores Mistreatment of London Suburban Taxi Drivers

We note the resolution from our London Taxi Drivers branch, and deplore the mistreatment of London Suburban taxi drivers, especially since the introduction of the identifier tags earlier this year.

We instruct the General Secretary to convene a meeting with GGC members, representatives of our London Taxi Drivers branch and a legal adviser within 14 days, to discuss possible legal recourse and other options and campaigning tactics that may be open to us, and to place a report of this meeting in front of us.

Regional Council Resolutions - August 2012

The following resolutions were passed at this month's regional council meeting.

London Underground Train Operations Support Managers chairing case conferences - Hammersmith & City branch
This regional council believes the new policy of allowing TOSM’s to chair case conferences is outside the current attendance procedure and we believe this to be the thin edge of the wedge.
It is not acceptable for LUL just to change a policy or procedure by sending a letter to head office and stating it has been agreed.

Video: RMT Taxi Branch Chair Discusses Empty Olympic Lanes And Loss Of Income

Road Closed from On the Barricade on Vimeo.

RMT London Taxi Branch Chairman Mick Bailey updates members in this edition of “RMT London Taxi News”. In "Road Closed", long term trade union activist Mick looks back on London 2012 and looks to the future for the taxi trade, and what can be learned from the subjugation of the best taxi service in the world.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

RMT London Taxi Branch Urgent Press Release

LPH Notice 08/12 Dated 13.07.12

The RMT London Taxi Branch condemns absolutely the inflammatory and provocative statement to drivers at the conclusion of the notice that is intended to threaten drivers who wish to take part in a legitimate demonstration.

Driver who are members of this branch who are participating in the demonstration are assured of the following:

continue reading or download the RMT London taxi Branch statement below

Sign this e-Petition - Scrappage Scheme for London Taxis

Please click here to add your name to RMT's petition to the government to introduce a scrappage scheme for London taxis.

The Mayor has recently imposed a 15-year age limit on London taxis, but without a scrappage scheme (similar to that introduced by the last government for private cars), many drivers will not be able to afford to replace aged vehicles with newer, less polluting ones. A scrappage scheme will benefit London's air quality and London's taxi drivers, many of whom are RMT members.

Olympics Chiefs Exclude London Taxis From Disabled Transport Planning

TAXI UNION RMT today demanded that Olympics chiefs take a fresh look at their transport arrangements for the entire games period and that they factor in the crucial role that could be played by London’s existing fleet of licensed taxis

The “Get Ahead of the Games” site talks about the disabled accessing public transport but excludes the one vehicle that is fully "on demand" and disability ready, the London Taxi.