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The  branch for the increasing number of London taxi workers who are joining RMT. You can read the branch's blog here, and the RMT Heathrow Taxis blog here.

Letter to John Mason, TfL re safety issues

... and his reply (at the end)

Dear Mr Mason

The RMT London Taxi Branch request that TfL/PCO issue a stop notice to all PHVs that are effected by the safety recall notices that several manufactures including Toyota are issuing. We would expect that Tfl/PCO carry this out in the same manner that they did with the TX4 fire issue. ie 6pm Friday (5th Febuary 2010) all vehicles that are effected by this issue and are licensed by the PCO as PHVs are taken off the road until the owners are able to produce a certificate from the manufactures franchised and registered factory service agents showing that the necessary work has been carried out to ensure that this problem has been removed from said vehicle.

Update for Taxi members

From Daniel Bedford, Communication Officer, RMT London Taxi Branch

Dear Colleague,

If you have not already done so please take time to register and have a look at for all the latest news from the RMT London region, special thanks to Janine Booth for coming to our most recent branch meeting and talking about this and other matters that affect the London region.

London Taxis branch organisation report 2009

organiseThe Regional Council Secretary wrote to all branches, asking for their assessment of their branch’s work during 2009, and suggesting that they might address the following points:
- whether your membership grew or shrunk during 2009, and why you think this is
- any problems you have had filling reps’ positions within the branch’s area
- how effective your branch was during any industrial action in your area last year
- what recruitment activities you have organised

RMT London taxi branch: “Touting is rife and not just at Christmas”.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the leaflet. Read the text below.

Taxi touting just doesn’t damage the wealth and prosperity of London’s taxi-cab drivers but puts the travelling public in harm’s way and grave danger. Here at the RMT specialist transport union we intend to highlight to the media and the authorities the failings of all concerned when dealing with this problem.

RMT Taxi branch news - Issue No.1 January 2010

Welcome to the very first issue of RMT Taxi branch news this will be a monthly newsletter aimed at you the self employed London taxi-cab driver. No adverts just plain simple facts and certainly not the fiction some of you may have been reading of late.

Read the text below; click '1 attachment' / file name to download the newsletter.

No to 19

John Kennedy, Vice chair London taxi branch, writes ...

Clause 19 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill seeks to introduce a “voluntary registration” for pedicabs that will allow councils and transport for London to issue fixed penalty notices for parking and moving traffic offences. The scheme is voluntary and therefore no owner or rider is compelled to register and therefore there is no sanction for those who chose not to operate under the scheme. The Head of Transportation at Westminster city council intends to give up to 30 ranks/bays for pedicabs to park/operate from and this will lead to reasonable members of the public believing that these dangerous objects are in fact regulated by councils or TfL in London.

Picket: No to 19!

RMT's London taxi branch is holding a picket on Parliament Square, Windsor House (TfL HQ) and Westminster city council offices regarding the “London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill” ... ”No to 19” clause 19 of the bill.

This article explains cabbies' objections to this legislation.