London Taxi Drivers

The  branch for the increasing number of London taxi workers who are joining RMT. You can read the branch's blog here, and the RMT Heathrow Taxis blog here.

RMT Early Day Motions On Taxi Issues

RMT’s Parliamentary group has submitted Early Day Motions on three issues that are very important to our taxi driver members.

Please take a couple of minutes to contact your MP to urge him/her to sign these motions. This will help our campaigns to defend our taxi driver members’ livelihoods (as well as helping the environment, congestion reduction and public safety!).

EDM59 – London Taxis and the Olympic Route Network

That this House notes the inevitable pressures on London's transport network throughout the Olympic Games; further notes that the Olympic Route Network is an important component of transport plans for the Olympics;

Ban On Pedicabs During The Olympics

We note the correspondence from our London Taxi branch, outlining their objections to pedicabs, which include: lack of proper CRB or police checks; unsafe design; congestion; and lack of fare structure leading to passengers being ripped off.

We therefore accept our branch’s view that this union should campaign for a ban on pedicabs during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to ask our Parliamentary group to submit an Early Day Motion, and to raise this issue with Greater London Assembly members.

Executive Report To Regional Council

From RMT London Transport Region Executive Janine Booth


  • LU service control – decision today
  • Cubic – ballot re pay (2.5%)/Olympics
  • Cleaners – Initial/ISS
  • Tube Lines – this week’s action – BW report
  • Thales – ballot put on today
  • Telent/Quinns – ballot decided, still being prepared
  • TfL Olympics – ballot decided, still being prepared
  • Time taken to prepare ballots – verbal report given

RMT Taxi Branch Welcomes TfL Injunction On Addison Lee

RMT Taxi Branch commends tfl for swift response to block Addison Lee for drivers from using bus lanes.

The RMT will continue to investigate the working practices of this company, the employment status of the drivers who we believe are employees under UK Law and bring such information to the relevant authorities for enforcement action.

Addison Lee Boss John Griffin's Comments Concerning London Cyclists Are Disturbing Say RMT London Taxi Branch

The RMT London Taxi Branch notes the disturbing comments made by Mr John Griffin concerning London Cyclists, This once again demonstrates his complete contempt for other road users.

This statement and his continued instruction to his drivers to flout the law in respect of Bus Lanes calls into question Addison Lee's fitness to hold a Private Hire Operators Licence.

If TfL fail in their attempts to prevent these illegal actions, we will act and invite all trade organisations to join us in that action

RMT London Taxi Branch Demand That TfL Suspends Operating Licence Of Addison Lee PLC

RMT London Taxi Branch notes the instruction by Addison Lee PLC (A London Private Hire Operator) to instruct their driver to break the law by using bus lanes reserved for Buses and Taxis.

We demand that Transport for London (TfL) suspends the operating licence of Addison Lee PLC with immediate effect and rigorously enforce the Bus Lanes to prevent such dangerous and reckless behaviour.

London Taxi News Spring 2012 Edition

The latest edition of London Taxi News, an anti-pedicab special, is now availale to download.

In this edition:

  • RMT London taxi branch calls for unity to save trade
  • Unity meeting discusses common approach to review
  • We can't rely on Boris
  • RMT scores major victory over pedicabs
  • Demo at Stratford a great success
  • United we stand - Implementation of identifiers has been greeted by the trade with different levels of

You can download the full newsletter using the link below, or click 'read more' to view the pdf if you have a modern browser.

Ban On Rickshaws During The Olympics

We note the resolution from our London Taxi branch. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain from the branch full details of why it advocates this ban, which should include their concerns about public safety, and which should address the objection that such a ban would prevent people from earning a living, and to place this in front of us.

We rename this file 'Ban On Pedicabs During The Olympics.'