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Job Cuts: What's Happening Where You Work?

This is the first part of a two part article taken from our newsletter on fighting job cuts. You can download it from here or request copies here

LUL management’s actions are creating problems for staff in all functions. RMT will be producing a series of leaflets giving detail, information and advice for members in each area. Here is a summary:

Station staff have been hammered since OSP slashed staffing level. Even if some posts are restored, management’s plan is to stretch us further and work us even harder.
To prepare for this, management are leaving duties uncovered, vacancies unfilled and station unstaffed, and repeatedly try to get staff to work outside the rules.

Some Improvement In Industrial Relations At Revenue Control

We note the report from our Regional Organiser attaching responses from our representatives. We welcome the news that the situation is improving and issues are being addressed, but having discussed the matter with our representatives, we are disappointed that some problems continue.

We instruct the General Secretary to continue to monitor the situation, to seek regular reports from our representatives, and to ensure that our revenue control members are kept informed.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and Revenue Control representatives to be advised.

RMT Concerned 'Wave & Pay' Being Used To Cut Jobs

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council, and share its concern that ‘Wave And Pay’ forms part of London Underground Ltd’s plan to remove ticket office and other station staff.

In line with the resolution, we instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. contact the Greater London Assembly to find out TfL’s response to the Assembly’s questions, especially where they relate to ticket office staffing
  2. work with supportive GLA and TfL Board members to maintain ticket office staff on stations

Revenue Control Members Consider Ballot

Revenue control members across London underground are looking at what action to take in response to several issues now impacting the deparment. They include:

  • Christmas Leave being cancelled, even though already agreed
  • Duty mangers trying their hardest not to grant requests for odd days leave
  • Flexible working and mutual swaps being ripped up
  • Staff being coerced to break the framework to take part in special exercises
  • Morale at an all-time low

Revenue & Station Grades Meeting


• Next meeting 27 September 2102 1430 at the Exmouth Arms, Star St, NW1

• Come along and hear your level 2/Tier 2 reps report back.

• Discuss where we go after the Olympics

• Defend Ticket office jobs

• How the nomination process could affect you

• It’s your union, your job come along and have your say



Stations And Revenue Committee Meeting And Organising Day

Attached is a leaflet we have put together to help recruit to RMT on stations. We hope you find it useful. For full details of the organising day email us.

Dear RMT stations and revenue reps,

Stations and revenue organising day, Thursday 23rd August

Join us for the Stations and Revenue Grades Committee meeting, 1430, Thursday 23rd August, at the Exmouth Arms, near Euston.


The next meeting of the Revenue and Station grades takes place on Thursday 23 August at the Exmouth Arms, Star St , nearest stations Euston amd Euston Sq
Come along and have your say.Its your union, make sure your views are heard.

Items on agenda;

• Level 2 reps reports
• Reports from local industrial and H&S reps
• Update on action short of strike
• Recruitment and retention

Why Station and Revenue Staff Should Support Victimised RMT Reps

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download the latest issue of 'RMT Platform', which leads with this article:

Station and revenue staff should support RMT's campaign to win the reinstatement of sacked driver reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

London Underground sacked Eamonn for following instructions from line control when he had a defective trip cock! Other drivers in similar situations, even those more at fault, have not been sacked. LU sacked Arwyn following allegations from a strike-breaker during last year's strikes against stations job cuts.

Ten Reasons Why Revenue Staff Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a 2-page leaflet.

1. Because the merging of the three revenue units into one was a prototype for these cuts. Look at the effects this has had: extremely low morale; higher stress levels; more disjointed, unrealistic workloads for management and admin. Imagine how bad it would be if this was spread to the rest of LUL.

2. Because ticket offices will be shut, passengers won't be able to sort out Oyster problems or buy tickets, so there will be an increase in assaults on staff.