Defending activists

The RMT always defends members, activists and reps from management attacks. We won't let the bosses make hostages of members during disputes, or to unfairly attack us at any time.

Glen Hart - targeted by London Underground for Trade Union activities

They have already had one crack at him - and now they are back for another.

Glen Hart was following RMT instructions not to work over time during the FFFS dispute.

They tried to sack him for closing his station because there was no relief.

With no evidence they could not find against him.

They are now perusing more trumped up charges against Glen 

This time they centre on being rude to a manager - no witnesses and no evidence.

Please publicise Glens case around your workplace.

The RMT have vowed to defend Glen with everything we have

RMT to prepare ballot for 'bullied and victimised' activist brother Hart

We note the report of the Lead Officer and we also note the GGC decision of the 28/05/15 that we would prepare a ballot for strike action if Bro Hart receives a disciplinary warning for carrying out trade union activities.

Bro Hart has been bullied and victimised since this date and now faces dismissal on trumped up charges that are related to his activities based on standing firm in defence of agreed and legitimate trade union activities.

London Underground fingered in unfair dismissal case - again

London Underground - fingered again in unfair dismissal case

It is with boring monotony that LUL are continually caught out at Employment Tribunals for unfairly sacking members of their staff

The latest case is James Lambert, a CSA from Stratford whose heinous crimes be honest I am not sure.

He was accused of a racial assault on a security guard.
Found not guilty. In court
He was accused of assault on the security guard
Found not guilty. In court.
LUL sacked James for bringing the company into disrepute.
For being found not guilty? In court.

Special cleaners members meeting- June 10 BlueEyed Maid 1500


ISS/Interserve/AGS contracts

Special grades meeting on Wednesday June 10th

Blue Eyed Maid at 1500

Borough High St

London SE1

nearest station London Bridge/Borough

All members welcome, we want to hear your views and have your feedback on the disputes we have currently on LUL contracts.
The Council of Executive member and the Regional Organiser will be there to hear your views.

RMT Engineering Branch Motion Joins Growing Call of Support For Glen Hart

I'm pleased to advise the following was passed unanimously at this evenings meeting of LU Engineering RMT Branch.

Resolution on the Victimisation by LU of Glen Hart RMT Rep.

This branch calls upon the RMT GGC to ballot all grades on LU for strike action and action short of a strike in the event that Glen Hart is dismissed, down graded or given any warning for following instructions from RMT in the EJM dispute.

Glen abided by the instruction of the GGC and his refusal to work overtime was covered by a lawful RMT ballot of members.

Support Petrit Mihaj

Petrit Mihaj v Sodexo

Support campaign to highlight treatment of RMT rep

Petrit Mihaj worked for global outsourcing giant Sodexo for 10 years, working in the catering department on Sodexo's contract with London Underground.

Following helping to organise the workforce, Petrit was subjected to disciplinary action and eventually was dismissed.

The union successfully brought tribunal claims on his behalf, establishing that Petrit had been unfairly dismissed for his trade union activities.

Reintate Petrit Mihaj - Demo Sodexo HQ 17/4/15 @1130

We are campaigning against victimisation, discrimination, union busting and dismissal of our colleague and union representative Petrit Mihaj.
It’s been over a year since our rep Petrit Mihaj was victimised for his Trade Union (TU) activities and unfairly dismissed as proven in court. (Ref: P Mihaj v Sodexo Ltd)
Our campaign continues into its second year. After many successful demonstrations in 2014 and 2015, The RMT is stepping up this campaign by asking MP’s and candidates in the General Election campaign to stop funding racist and union busting employers.

Dispute Materials: Reinstate Clara

Clara Osagiede, RMT cleaners’ secretary on London Underground, has been dismissed from her job for the crime of fighting for workplace justice for London’s transport cleaners.

Bosses at Interserve – a private contractor that LU use for cleaning – concocted a series of spurious charges in order to get rid of an activist who is a thorn in their side.

Interserve is a company with an appalling record on industrial relations across all their contracts in the railway industry which exploits their low-paid workers for as much profit as they can.