Defending activists

The RMT always defends members, activists and reps from management attacks. We won't let the bosses make hostages of members during disputes, or to unfairly attack us at any time.

Eamonn Lynch: Employment Tribunal Decision in Full

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read the full decision by the Employment Tribunal, which upheld Eamonn's complaint of unfair dismissal on the grounds of trade union activities.

As outlined by our solicitors, the key aspects of the judgment are:

(1) The Tribunal unanimously found that Eamonn had been unfairly dismissed and more importantly, automatically unfairly dismissed on grounds of his health and safety and trade union duties and activities.

MPs Back Our Fight for Reinstatement of Reps

“I am appalled that London Underground are refusing to reinstate Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch, when the Employment Tribunal has already ruled that their dismissal was discriminatory because of their trade union activities. It is vital that we stand up for our local trade union reps who are in the frontline of protecting workers interests and I fully support the RMT’s political and industrial campaign for justice for Arwyn and Eamonn.”
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Islington North

RMT Rep - Eamonn Lynch - sacked!

RMT health and safety rep, Eamonn Lynch was sacked by London Underground yesterday 13th of October.

Eamonn was sacked for making an error while driving a train on Network Rail. But Eamonn's error was to follow instructions from the Network Rail signaller and the Bakerloo Line Control room. Indeed, the sacking panel said he should have refused those instruction. So Eamonn was sacked for not refusing to work on the grounds of health and safety! Despite his representative, Regional Organiser Brian Whitehead ripping the charges to shreds, Eamonn was summarily dismissed.