Industrial action

When negotiations fail, RMT members take action

Ballot prepared in DLR dispute


We note the correspondence regarding the breakdown in industrial relations from our Lead Officer and Docklands Light Railway Branch; and commend our members on
their resolve to address this issue.

Further; we instruct the General Secretary to inform the company we are in dispute and prepare a ballot for industrial actions of all affected members. Members to be advised by email and text.

Docklands Light Railway Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Train prep payment ballot returns a strong yes vote



We note the overwhelming turnout and ballot result and the resolve shown by our members.


Are you prepared to take strike action?

Number of individuals who were entitled to vote in the ballot:  32

Number of votes cast in the ballot:                                       32 (100%)

Number of individuals answering “Yes” to the question:             29 (90.6%)

ISS KAD DLR strike ballot called after company disregards union's serious concerns

We note the report from the Lead Officer and correspondence from our Docklands Light Railway Branch; and that despite the union declaring a dispute back on the 4th October 2017, undertakings and promises made in talks by the company and prompts from our DLR Branch; that the company is disregarding our serious concerns and security issues.

This breakdown in industrial relations recklessly embarked on by the company is matched and exceeded by our members resolve to have their concerns addressed to their complete satisfaction.

City Cruises strike ballot to begin

We note the report from our Lead Officer and the strength of feeling amongst our Members of crew in the City Cruises regarding the unfair dismissal of Sis Hairia Abdo for what are common working practices throughout the company.

We further note the Crew Members are calling for an immediate ballot so they can robustly defend Sis Hairia Abdo as soon as possible pending a strong yes vote which they are confident will be the ballot result.

Ballot of drivers in defence of Brother Davis to be extended

We note the resolution from our Central Line West Branch requesting that all Train Operators from White City and West Ruislip be balloted alongside comrades already being balloted from Central Line East for industrial action.

This NEC too condemns the highhanded and overly severe treatment of Bro Davis by London Underground management and note the following:

There are many comparators of similar and even more serious incidents where the Train Op had either no action taken against them or a much more appropriate sanction. These were ignored.

Executive decision on Picc Line Workshop staff action

We salute the determination of our Members in the rock solid ballot turnout and yes vote in their resolve to halt the attempted introduction of a two-tier work force in the LU Piccadilly Line Fleet area; with all the detriments encapsulated for our present members; and to seek proper ongoing employment for future members joining the company.

We also note the report from our Lead Officer and that some movement was secured at yesterday’s Director level meeting; but not enough in terms of our Members aspirations.

London Bridge 3 dispute update


Further to my previous Circular (IR/247/17, 14th June 2017), following a meeting with the Lead Officer, Reps and Branch Officials yesterday, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to suspend the industrial action short of a strike at London Bridge however, we remain in dispute and will continue to support our three members through all means possible.