Industrial action

When negotiations fail, RMT members take action

Piccadilly strike back on as bosses renege on agreements

That we note the report on file from the Lead Officer; that despite our Union going beyond what we were comfortable with to suspend at extremely short notice the strike action for 11th to the 14th July 2018 to accept the detailed offer on the table from the company, the company are reneging on most of the agreed items in the settlement.

Our union members are not to be treated in either the manner which has led to this dispute in the first place nor to be cynically turned over when agreements made in trust and good faith by their reps are disregarded by management.

All Central Line drivers to be balloted for strike in defense of brother Bailey

We congratulate both our Central Line branches for standing firm behind our Brother Paul Bailey, and resisting the stitch up being perpetrated against him by the company who have now upheld his dismissal on appeal and refused to grant the union a Directors Review.

This travesty calls into question the integrity of the entire drugs and alcohol policy and testing regime.

We instruct the General Secretary to immediately ballot our Driver Operators and Operator Instructors at all depots on the Central Line for Strike Action.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Defend Paul Bailey: unfairly sacked after passing a drug test

Paul Bailey, a driver at Leytonstone, remains sacked for passing a random drug and alcohol test.

The Head of Central Line Operations and the manager responsible for hearing Paul’s recent appeal, upheld the crazy CDI decision to dismiss Paul, despite all the evidence.

- Please download the attached leaflet to read more including what train driver's union RMT is doing to fight for justice for Paul.

Ballot prepared over Metropolitan Line drivers' canteen closure


We note the resolution from our Neasden Branch; and that the Machinery of Negotiation & Consultation has been exhausted.

This NEC is appalled by the company removing meal break facilities from our Driver Members, breaching longstanding agreements and consistently refusing to address the issue of an adequate staff canteen.

Transplant pay parity dispute strike dates


Further to my previous Circular (IR/277/18, 20th June 2018), this matter has been considered again by the National Executive Committee, which has taken the decision to call further strike action and instruct all Materials Manager, Storeman, Storeman Team Leader, Technical Manager and Train Maintainer (Train Maintenance) members NOT TO BOOK ON for any shifts that commence between:-

Piccadilly Line strike announced



Further to previous correspondence, all Piccadilly Line Driver members are congratulated for the solid yes vote for both strike action and action short of a strike in this dispute. Following special Branch meetings, the National Executive Committee has considered this matter and taken the decision to call on you and your colleagues to take strike action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

It's a yes!


We congratulate our members and both Finsbury Park and Piccadilly & District Line West on a solid yes vote in this ballot.

The result for strike action is as follows:-
Number of members balloted: 420
Total votes cast 298 (71%)
Number voting “Yes” 285 (67.9% of members balloted)
Number voting “No” 13
Spoilt Papers 0

The 40% and 50% thresholds were both met.

Jubilee News: dispute special

Jubilee News is a special newsletter for drivers on the Jubilee Line, produced by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • Management offer increase in Saturday rest days
    The RMT National Executive will debate and make a formal decision about the offer from LU early next week

  • The detail of the offer from LUL​

  • ACAS - An insider’s report

  • ​RMT tells LU 'end the bullying culture' following ET loss
  • Check your details

  • Executive report: Ballot prepared for all LUL grades over unfair sacking

Ballot prepared for all London Underground grades over Paul Bailey unfair sacking

This NEC is appalled by London Undergrounds shocking handling of the Paul Bailey case.

We note that this travesty calls into question the integrity of the entire drugs and alcohol policy and testing regime. Due to the potential consequences of this sacking
being upheld at appeal in the event of this occurring we instruct the General Secretary to immediately prepare a ballot matrix for all grades on London Underground at all locations.

All London Underground branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Jubilee strike suspended

We note the progress made in dispute talks at ACAS today; and that the company has moved considerably toward resolving the dispute they have created.pp

Accordingly, we suspend strike action due to take place from 00:01 to 23:59 on Thursday 14th June 2018.

We remain in dispute and will be at ACAS tomorrow morning for further talks with the company.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Neasden and Jubilee Line South Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.