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Osborne House Service Control strike dates announced


Further to my previous Circular (IR/339/20, 27th August 2020), this ballot has since concluded and our Service Control members at Osborne House have once again delivered a magnificent - and unanimous - vote to take strike action and action short of a strike. They have made their views crystal clear to management and for that they are to be congratulated on achieving another powerful vote in relation to their ongoing dispute.

Upgrade News September 2020

Upgrade News has all the latest information on the 4LM upgrade for London Underground drivers.

In this edition:

  • Signal Migration Areas Update
  • Training for SMA 3
  • RMT: All Grades United For Safety
  • CBTC new route training 
  • Service Control comms to T/Ops when change of braking capacity
  • New seat cushion trial

Please download the newsletter to read it and display it in your 4LM depot.

RMT condemns LU plans to ditch cash ticket sales

LONDON UNDERGROUND UNION RMT today condemned LUL plans to completely eliminate the option of using cash to purchase tickets.

The plans are an assault on the thousands of customers who only use cash, often because their financial situation means they have no access to a bank account or a contactless payment method. It will also inevitably lead to confrontations on the gateline with front line staff and revenue control inspectors.

Crucially, it will cost the company significant amounts of money, at a time where every pound is precious with lower numbers travelling.

Trains H&S update: maintain social distancing

- This update is taken from the attached notice. Please print it out and display it in your depot.


Members should be congratulated on the major efforts that have made to work through the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been a very long 8 months since it all began and is a tribute to all who have adapted to social distancing measures.

Service Control News, September 2020

For many years, Service Control has been ticking on by quietly in the background but more and more we are finding Service Control are coming under attack. Whether it be attempts to undermine their terms and conditions with retired staff, cutting of numbers or reneging on ACAS agreements. The Service Control family has come together and decided enough is enough and now is the time to make a stand. With this in mind your reps have put together all the issues that have been left unresolved and prevalent for years and will be demanding change.