Automatic train operation in depots


I write to inform branches that your Lead Officer submitted a report on discussions between your Representatives and London Underground regarding a proposed introduction of Automatic Train Operation (ATO) in depots and sidings. Despite the efforts that have been made to engage the company over unsafe work practises, London Underground are seeking to impose ATO in a way which is clearly unsafe. A referral to ACAS has been sought and London Underground have failed to respond to our request.

Your National Executive Committee have considered the Lead Officer's report and extended their thanks to our Representatives and members for their efforts to secure a safe working environment in LUL sidings and depots. Your NEC is appalled that rather than work with your union to ensure safe working practises LUL are imposing the new way of working.

Given the significant safety concerns that exist I have been instructed to inform London Underground that we are now in dispute with them on this matter and urging for them to enter meaningful talks with us.

I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.