Bakerloo line drivers to be balloted over serious concerns about timetable


Our Industrial and Health and Safety representatives on the Bakerloo line have been raising serious concerns over the implementation of Working Timetable WT44/45 which has been in place since May 2019. We firmly believe this timetable is failing and is causing undue stress on Train Operator members.

The timetable has resulted in Train Operators being disciplined for SPADS, forced to work compulsory overtime and even being left unable to use the toilet. All of this has contributed to members suffering unacceptable stress levels because of undue pressure being placed you by management. Our representations on this matter have been disregarded with requests for an ad-hoc IR machinery meeting being rejected.

An emergency meeting was convened last Friday by local management seemingly as a result of them becoming aware of the anger and strength of feeling of members. However this meeting resolved absolutely nothing and management refused to reconsider the timetable or your representative's compromise proposal for a suspension of disciplinary sanctions and other holding measures whilst this dire and unacceptable situation is addressed.

As a result of LUL's failure to address our concerns we have told them we are now in dispute and will be balloting all Train Operators and Instructor Operators on the Bakerloo Line for strike action and industrial action short of a strike. This process has already begun and ballot papers will be sent out from next Wednesday (27th November 2019) with a closing date of Tuesday 17th December 2019.

The current state of affairs on the Bakerloo Line is totally unacceptable and management's abject failure to address any of our concerns is nothing short of appalling. We must send them a clear message that this will not be tolerated so I urge members to vote strongly and decisively in favour of action in this dispute.